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Proposed Mona Lisa 'grand tour' of France could cost £30m

Plans to take painting on tour now 'on back burner' after Louvre came up with 'astronomical' figure in transport costs and lost tourist revenue. 

Mona Lisa 'hiding earlier portrait'

A French scientist claims that years of high-tech study of Leonardo da Vinci's celebrated portrait has revealed another below it of a different sitter.

France’s Louvre keeps title as world’s most-visited museum

Total number of tourists who came in 2014 to admire works of art and antiquities including Da Vinci's Mona Lisa was 9.3 million.

France to open Louvre and Versailles 7 days a week

Ministers say two-year trial period, which starts in 2015, will 'allow more access to the works' as well as creating jobs and saving money.