A tale of dosh and France's complex reaction to money

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President Emmanuel Macron's recent reference to the “shedloads of dosh” that the state pays out in benefits has sparked a lot of discussion about money in France. The controversial phrase was followed by revelations about a huge payout awarded to the outgoing chief executive of a major French company, a controversy over the cost of presidential crockery and a mini-row over footballers' pay. But as Hubert Huertas explains, how people in France react to discussions about money depends on where that money comes from - and who is receiving it.

Paris airport worker 'pocketed 20,000 euros dropped by diplomat'

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Charles de Gaulle airport worker held after CCTV images show him picking up notes lost by Morocco's ambassador to US as he left VIP lounge.

Twitter users in France can now tweet money

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The service, which will be available to anyone with a bank account and Twitter handle in France, will enable person-to-person money transfer.

Paris prosecutor probing fortune of Assad's uncle

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Move follows allegation that Rifaat Assad's fortune, including several dozen Paris apartments and luxurious townhouse, is result of abuse of power.

French films reach record box office revenue abroad

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At home the industry faces criticism, but French exports brought in nearly $1.2 billion in international markets last year and sold 140 million tickets.