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French mayor urges crackdown on 'wackos' climbing Mont Blanc

Mayor Jean-Marc Peillex spoke after said a British tourist and ex-Royal Marine hauled a rowing machine up mountain for a stunt on Saturday.

French Alps cable cars tourists rescued

At least 33 tourists spent cold night suspended above Mont Blanc glaciers at altitude of 12,500ft after wires carrying cable cars became tangled.

Dozens trapped overnight in cable cars over Mont Blanc glaciers

Initially 110 people were trapped after cables got crossed, but 65 were airlifted out by helicopter before rescue work was suspended for night. 

Three dead in French Alps avalanche of ice blocks

A woman of British-Polish nationality and another from Slovakia were swept away with their German male guide as they climbed the Mont Blanc.

French suffer fit of pique as Italian PM 'reclaims' Europe's highest mountain

Matteo Renzi reignites ancient row over whether France or Italy should lay claim to Mont Blanc and other Alpine peaks.

Six climbers die after fall on France's Mont Blanc

The group, which included an experienced guide, died after a terrifying 250-metre fall while trying to scale Europe's highest mountain.

US father slammed over 'irresponsible' Mont Blanc stunt

Local official is furious after climber Paul Sweeny told US TV he climbed the mountain with his two young boys when an avalanche struck.