Boy run over and killed after France win in World Cup tie

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Police in Montpellier, southern France, are hunting for the driver of a car which ran into and killed a young teenage boy during clashes which followed Wednesday evening's World Cup match between France and Morocco

Macron party chief orders headscarf be removed from election flyer

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The head of President emmanuel Macron's LREM party has threatened to remove support for four of its candidates in local elections in southern France unless they withdraw a campaign flyer in which one of them is pictured wearing a Muslim headscarf.

Five women arrested in southern France in suspected attack plot

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A police official said the domestic intelligence service and national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office are handling the investigation.

Soaring virus infection puts more French cities on alert

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Montpellier and Toulouse have joined Paris and Marseille and four other cities in the maximum alert status to fight back the coronavirus.

French campuses on edge after Montpellier university attack

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As Macron government seeks major reforms, allegations emerge that academics were among masked group who attacked students at university.

French terror suspects' detention prolonged

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Man of 20, 33-year-old and a 16-year-old girl detained for further 48 hours amid claims they may have been planning attack on Eiffel Tower.

French police arrests in Montpellier avert 'imminent' attack

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Three men and a girl of 16 were found with bomb-making materials by anti-terrorist police in a raid on a flat in the southern city.

Killer on run after woman stabbed at French religious home

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Man armed with a shotgun and a knife stabbed an elderly woman to death at a retirement home for Catholic missionaries in southern France.

Train crashes into fallen tree in southern France, at least 60 injured

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The train reportedly crashed into a tree that had been left on the tracks following a heavy thunderstorm near Montpellier, leaving 11 people seriously injured.

Blockades are a 'weapon to make people aware' say French labour law protesters

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Amid blockades of oil depots and strikes in a number of key sectors in France, opponents against planned labour law reforms in France took to the streets again on Thursday May 26th. Mediapart spoke to people taking part in a march in the city of Montpellier, in the south of France, to find out why they are protesting. The demonstrators say they fully back the strikes and blockades which they see as their equivalent of article 49-3 of the French Constitution which is being used to force the deeply-controversial reforms through Parliament. Timothée Aldebert reports.

French anti-terrorist police arrest woman with fake pregnant belly

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The Muslim convert and her partner arrested in Montpellier are suspected of planning to use prosthetic device for a suicide attack.

French town bans clown costumes after terror wave

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Officials in Vendargues in southern France say the costume ban will remain in force throughout November for everyone aged 13 or older.

Floods cause damage in Montpellier - again

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About 300 people had to be winched to safety as for the third time in a month heavy rain caused havoc in the southern French city.

Montpellier flooded, thousands stranded as storms hit southern France

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People forced to sleep in railway stations, airports and schools after up to 30cm of rain drenched much of the south of France.

How racism by France's railway police goes unpunished


The internal police force run by state-owned railway company SNCF is supposed to protect both passengers and other rail staff from attack or abuse. But officers in one section of the force in the south of the France have been accused of sending a racist text message, playing neo-Nazi songs and mistreating passengers of North African origin. According to documents seen by Mediapart, senior management at SNCF is fully aware of the claims, yet has failed to take any action. Meanwhile one of the officers who was a victim of the taunts has been ostracised by colleagues. Michaël Hajdenberg reports.