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Moody's downgrades France's credit rating

The US credit rating agency cut France's rating by one, citing low medium-term growth as an 'obstacle' for countering its elevated debt burden.

Moody's maintains France's credit rating

Rating agency Moody’s holds France's rating at Aa1, a notch below the coveted 'triple A', while forecasting a further rise of debt-to-GDP ratio.

France pledges to push on with reforms after Moody's downgrade

Ratings agency Moody's has cut France's triple-A sovereign rating by one notch to Aa1, and said it would maintain a negative outlook on the country.

France boosted by Moody’s, seeks to brush off S&P’s downgrade

Ratings agency Moody's maintains triple-A rating for France, despite the downgrade inflicted on the country by Standard & Poor's last Friday.

Moody's downgrades French banks

Moody's gives Société Générale and Crédit Agricole their second downgrade in under three months, citing poor funding conditions and debt exposure.

Moody's warns France over Triple-A rating

Moody's has warned rising bond yields amplify France's fiscal challenges, endangering the triple-A credit rating of Europe's second-largest economy.