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France's 'alternative' farmers point to a new rural model

Pierre-Yves Floch, dans sa porcherie bio © JS Pierre-Yves Floch, dans sa porcherie bio © JS

French farmers last week blocked Paris with more than 1,500 tractors in the latest of a series of protests at the dire financial difficulties many now find themselves in, which they blame on ever-lower prices paid for their produce, taxes and social charges, and industry standards that are strangling them in red tape. But a growing number of smallholdings in France are successfully bucking the trend, proving that there is an economically viable alternative to the failed model of conventional farming and mass production sold on the cheap - in the form of quality produce sold directly to local outlets. Julien Sartre reports from Brittany.

Four die as car with 14 teenage occupants crashes in France

The tragedy in Brittany in west France, which occurred after a late-night party, came as a senior minister called for lower speed limits.