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Suspected French-Moroccan 'jihadist' detained at Paris airport

Suspect arrested by security services on arrival in France as part of preliminary investigation into possible 'conspiracy to plan terrorist acts'.

French al-Qaida 'recruiter' arrested in Tangiers

Suspect is described as veteran member of the international terror network now in charge of raising funds and manpower for fighting in Syria.

France apologises over airport search of Moroccan foreign minister

Moroccan foreign minister Salaheddine Mezouar was told to remove his coat, belt and footware in a security check at Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

Morocco suspends judicial cooperation with France

The escalating tension follows a French police attempt to question Morocco's domestic intelligence chief over alleged rights' abuses.

Hollande phones Moroccan king to cool diplomatic spat

The row centres on a French police bid to quizz Moroccan spy chief, and a French diplomat's alleged comments on rights abuses by Morocco.

The two-year sit-in protest at a royal silver mine in Morocco

By Ilhem Rachidi
A Imider, en août 2013 © DR A Imider, en août 2013 © DR

The inhabitants of a small commune in a remote part of south-east Morocco claim that the local silver mine owned by the country's royal family is taking their water and polluting their land. Unable to get local officials to intervene on their behalf, the villagers took matters into their own hands and cut off one of the mine's water supplies before starting an occupation of the site that has lasted for more than two years. The local residents show no signs of giving up their struggle despite feeling 'abandoned' by the state and despite some of them being arrested and convicted in connection with the occupation, including two men last week. One local man explains to Ilhem Rachidi why he joined the protest.


Overdue 'merci' extended to Morocco WWII vets

Moroccan veterans have finally been honored 70 years after they played a critical role in the liberation of the French island of Corsica.

A princely education: how the French government helps tutor Morocco's royal elites


Every year the French education ministry sends a small number of teachers to begin work in Rabat. Their mission: to educate the heir to the Moroccan throne and a select handful of that country's elite. Lénaïg Bredoux reports on an exclusive college that is shrouded in mystery and which few in either France or Morocco are willing to talk about.

Air France sued after pilot ‘insults’ king of Morocco

Moroccan passengers to take airline to court after pilot joked that 'His Majesty the King of Morocco' was delaying their flight from Casablanca.

Well-heeled Parisians caught in Moroccan drug traffic bust

Police in France and Switzerland arrest 20 people, including a Paris politician, on suspicion of laundering some 40m euros of drug traffic cash.

France and Morocco call for tough stance against Mali Islamists

Morocco and France call on the African Union and Economic Community of West African States to prepare action against Malian Islamists.

Renault targets Europe from low-cost Moroccan plant

French car maker Renault has opened a sprawling low-cost Moroccan factory, amid a French political debate overmeasures to protect domestic jobs.