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French Parliament to vote on Palestinian state

MPs in National Assembly will take part in 'symbolic' vote on Palestine but French government itself will not 'act alone' and recognise state.

Keeping it in the family – a fifth of French MPs employ their relatives


French MPs have recently been obliged to make public not just their financial interests but also who they hire to work for them. According to these official declarations and Mediapart's own research at least a fifth of all elected members of the National Assembly have employed a family member in 2014. Of these, 52 were spouses, 32 were daughters and 28 were sons. Mathilde Mathieu reports on the domestic world of French parliamentarians.

Animals have feelings too, French MPs decree

French Parliament amends law to acknowldge that animals, previously on a legal par with furniture, are 'living beings endowed with sensibilities'.

French lawmakers gut Hollande's transparency bill

MPs have diluted plans to make politicians declare their wealth and backed harsh penalties for journalists who publish the information.

French lawmakers thwart Hollande's transparency drive

French MPs vote for amendment under which their assets will only be made public to people on electoral list who request the information.

France’s conservative party splits into two

Defeated UMP leadership candidate Francois Fillon says he and followers are splitting from the party to form their own parliamentary group.

French MPs clash over Manuel Valls terrorism claim

Socialist interior minister sparks row after accusing his conservative predecessors of bringing back terrorism after a reported surge in crime.

French parliament takes first step to clean up MP perks scandal


Following Mediapart’s revelations of the fraudulent misuse of funds paid to French Members of Parliament to offset their professional expenses, and the lack of proper control over generous funds allocated to their parliamentary groups, the National Assembly’s administrative services have taken a small, but symbolic step in putting order into the chamber’s financial management. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

France's own MPs' expenses 'scandal'


A Mediapart investigation has revealed that a socialist MP used his parliamentary expenses allowance to pay for family holidays abroad. But his is not an isolated case. Instead, it highlights the near total lack of transparency and control over the way that France's Members of Parliament make use of their generous monthly expenses of more than 6,000 euros. A number of MPs are now calling for greater openness in the allowance system, fearing that an expenses scandal such as the one that hit British MPs in 2009 could engulf them. Meanwhile an anti-corruption organisation warns that an MP who can be shown to have misused their allowances could be prosecuted for misappropriation of public money. Valentine Oberti reports.