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French government reshuffle imminent

President Hollande met at length Monday with his prime minister ahead of what is expected to be a major shake-up of government posts.

Political shake-up likely as France votes in final round of local elections

French voters turned out for the decisive round of municipal elections on Sunday, with the ruling socialists braced for further losses.

Paris poised to elect first woman mayor

The two-horse election race between Right and Left for Paris City Hall is led by two women, with socialist Anne Hidalgo tipped to win.

French far-right eye a coup in former papal city of Avignon

The Front National party has an outside chance of gaining control of the city hall in this weekend's final round of municpal elections.

Electoral surge of French far-right leaves only losers among mainstream parties

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The dust has settled after the first round of voting in nationwide municipal elections in France, and a new political landscape has emerged even before the final round of voting next Sunday. Amid an abstention rate of more than 36%, the ruling Socialist Party has suffered a heavy defeat, likely to become a debacle in the second round. But it is the far-right Front National party which can claim victory, and not the mainstream conservative opposition. Hubert Huertas analyses the first-round results which see the far-right now become a part of the fabric of local politics in France. 

A daring mission to transform a lost French mining town into a green oasis


In the middle of a socialist heartland of north-east France, a Green party mayor is leading an audacious and lonely project to revitalise his former coal-mining town, where unemployment runs above the national average, with the creation of ecology-focussed companies and research centres, and the ecodesign renovation of its private and public buildings. But this isolated development programme, and its promise of future job creations, is a slow and far from complete process which faces a stern test in municipal elections to be held later this month, when the far-right Front National party is forecast to make significant gains. Jade Lindgaard reports from Loos-en-Gohelle.