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Thousands gather for funeral of mudered French priest Jacques Hamel

French interior minister was among mourners for Normandy priest who had his throat cut when two jihadists stormed his church during Mass.

France police killing: Hollande honours couple stabbed by jihadist

But one serving officer refused to shake Hollande's hand as president commemorated deaths of Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and Jessica Schneider.

Jihadist killer of police couple changed after prison, says ex-girlfriend

In a radio interview, the unnamed woman said Larossi Abballa, 25, became 'distanced' and 'changed friends' after jail term for recruiting jihadists.

French woman freed after killing abusive husband

Bernadette Dimet, 60, was given 5-year suspended sentence in trial that followed presidential pardon of another woman who killed husband.

Paris nanny jailed 20 years for murdering her employers

The Chinese nanny, 34, murdered the parents of a baby who died in her care then chopped up the bodies, hiding their parts around a public park.

Trial opens in Paris of Basque separatists charged with policeman's murder

Two of six members of ETA are accused of officer's murder, the others with theft and kidnapping, after a gun battle with Paris police in 2010.

French parents jailed for murder of three-year-old son in washing machine

The father was given 30 years in jail for placing the boy in the machine and switching it on, the mother 12 years for aiding and abetting murder.

France closes Yasser Arafat murder inquiry with no charges brought

Palestinian leader's widow says his death in 2004 was from polonium poisoning but prosecutor says ‘sufficient evidence’ not found.

France terror suspect claims he thwarted church attack

Sid Ahmed Ghlam said he prevented terror attack on church in Villejuif near Paris in April and denies murder of young woman Aurélie Châtelain.

Thousands join Calais march in tribute to murdered girl

A Polish national with a record of violent crime has confessed to abducting and strangling the nine-year-old on April 15th.

Polish man confesses kidnap and murder of Calais girl aged 9

The man, 38, who had served two jail terms in France, admitted abducting and strangling the girl, who officials said was also sexually assaulted.

Moroccan man dies in 'Islamophobic' attack near Avignon

The 47-year-old father was attacked at his home by a knife-wielding neighbour, the National Observatory Against Islamophobia said.

Son-in-law retracts confession in Monaco heiress killing

Pole Wojciech Janowski says he did not fully police and now denies having ordered the killing in May of 77-year-old Helene Pastor in Nice.

French lawyer convicted of murdering heiress after 36 years

In a case that has gripped France, Maurice Agnelet, 76, is given 20-year jail term in his third trial for killing of his mistress Agnes Le Roux.

French court sentences 93 year-old for murder

Marcel Guillot was given a ten-year prison sentence for battering to death an 82 year-old woman who refused his amorous advances.