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Muslims leave France for ‘UAE dream’

Growing number of French Muslims are heading to United Arab Emirates and elsewhere in Middle East to escape 'discrimination and stigmatisation'.

France plans broader dialogue with its large Muslim minority

Government says it will consult twice a year with a wide range of Muslim leaders and promote university-level civics courses for imams.


French Muslim group boycotts Jewish event over 'criminals' quip

Snub came after comments by the head of the French Jewish organisation CRIF that 'all violence today is committed by young Muslims'.

France’s Muslims alarmed over soaring number of attacks

Figures show 147 acts were committed against Muslims between January 7 and end of the month as religious leader warns of 'generalised hysteria'.

A letter to France


The terrorist attacks in Paris in early January demand an awakening of French society, writes Mediapart editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel. Not one driven by the politics of fear that put the country at war, but one of democratic and social aspirations that demand equality for every member of the population and which, he argues here, is the only solution for eradicating the necrosis of hope that fuels the ‘identity’ conflict blighting France today.

Four die in Niger amid violent anti-Charlie Hebdo protests in Muslim countries

In former French colony Niger, a protest turned violent as demonstrators set fire to churches while a press photographer was shot in Pakistan.

Paris shootings: the backlash begins against French Muslims

Number of attacks against mosques in France grows after the terror attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo last Wednesday.

Charlie Hebdo massacre: the dilemma for French Muslims


As the first cracks appear in the “national unity” urged by President François Hollande, the spotlight has been turned on the reaction of French Muslims. Ahead of Sunday's 'Republican march' to show solidarity over the Charlie Hebdo killings, the far right and sections of the Right have called on France's Muslims to condemn the massacre publicly. On the Left, opinions are divided on the issue. Mediapart's Hubert Huertas argues that we are faced with two very different visions of France – one that demands assimilation, the other that embraces diversity.

After Charlie Hebdo attack in France, backlash against Muslims feared

With tension building, Muslim leaders advised veiled women to avoid going out alone and urged members to join in national minute of silence.

Headscarf ban turns France’s Muslim women towards homeworking

As they cannot wear religious garments in public service jobs many French Muslim women are taking up self-employed e-trading.

French Muslims protest beheading of French hostage

French Muslims held demonstrations in Paris and other cities on Friday to protest the execution of Hervé Gourdel by Algerian Islamists.

France says backs evacuation of Muslims in CAR 'as last resort'

French foreign ministry says that the priority is to save lives despite concerns it could lead to the division of the Central African Republic.

Faith, politics clash over Muslim-run women's gym in France

Th gym is owned by a French Muslim couple who say their religion and appearance are the reasons the local mayor wants to shut them down.

Muslim critics condemn new French school charter

Some consider France's new 15-point school charter on secularism to be a thinly-veiled attack on Islam.

Marine Le Pen expected to face charges for incitement to racial hatred

French far-right leader, who compared Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation, faces prosecution after immunity is lifted by fellow MEPs.