Nadine Morano

Centrists force Sarkozy to ditch ally over 'white race' France comments


A leading candidate from the right-wing Les Républicains (LR) party looks set to be de-selected from December's regional elections after she described France as a “white race” country. However, party boss Nicolas Sarkozy only ditched loyalist Nadine Morano after days of public controversy and mounting pressure from the party's centrist allies. As Ellen Salvi reports, the episode highlights the divide between the views of the LR leadership and those of grassroots members.

Sarkozy disowns ally over 'white race' comments

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Ex-president removes Nadine Morano from party's list for December regional elections after she said France was a 'white race' country.

Former French minister under fire over 'white race' comments

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MEP Nadine Morano from Nicolas Sarkozy's party claimed: 'We are a Judeo-Christian country of white race that welcomes foreigners.'

Former French minister sparks row over veiled woman on beach photo

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Nadine Morano posted picture of a veiled holidaymaker on her Facebook account describing the scene as 'an attack on our culture'.