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French boy granted tilde to his name after two-year legal fight

When Fañch Bernard was born in May 2017, a local official refused to include on his birth certificate the tild, used in the language of the Breton people of north-west France, prompting a two-year battle through the courts, when the authorities argued that that the tilde was a 'breach of the will of our state of law to maintain the unity of the country', and which has finally ended in victory for the boy's parent's – and  the tilde.

French prosecutor to decide whether parents can name son 'Jihad'

The French public prosecutor's office in the southern city of Toulouseis to decide on whether the parents of a baby boy are legally entitled to name him Jihad, a phonetic spelling from the Arabic meaning "struggle" and which has become a common term adopted by Islamic fundamentalists engaged in terrorist attacks, which have claimed more than 230 lives in France over the past two years.

Court bans parents from naming their baby with Breton tilde letter

A French court has ordered a couple who named their baby Fañch, a name from the ancient Celtic language of Brittany, to choose another because it contains the tilde 'ñ' which it said is 'unrecognised by the French language'.

France Télécom takes Orange as new name

Shareholders in the country's partly state-owned telecommunications giant have voted for the change, which comes into effect on July 1st.

France to rebaptise last street named after Vichy leader

Only remaining street in France named after the leader of the country's collaborationist wartime regime, Marshal Philippe Petain, is to get a new name.