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France grants citizenship to 28 African WWII infantrymen

The veterans, aged between 78 and 90, were among about 200,000 soldiers from France's former colonies in West Africa, notably Senegal, who fought to free France of German occupation and who lost their right to French nationality after their homelands gained independence.  

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Hollande drops plans to strip terrorists of French nationality

The French president announced his decision after the two houses of the French Parliament failed to agree on the nature of the reforms.

French MPs narrowly back move to strip convicted terrorists of nationality

French lower house approves by a margin of 14 votes the measure to be written into the constitution and which has divided ruling socialist camp.

France seeks to extend state of emergency despite protests

Government confirms it will seek a three-month extension of state of emergency and legislate to strip citizenship of convicted terrorists.

French justice minister Christiane Taubira resigns

The high-profile minister was known to disagree with controversial plans to strip people convicted of terrorism of their French citizenship.

Convicted French terrorists could be 'stateless' under planned law

Row over plans to strip all terrorists, not just dual nationals, of French citizenship, as critics say move breaches international accords.

France's Socialists split over plan to strip terrorists of nationality

Members of ruling party want key committee to rule that President Hollande and Prime Minister Valls's idea is against its principles.

Moroccan-born man jailed for terror plot to lose French nationality

France’s constitutional council has reject an appeal by Ahmed Sahnouni against PM’s decision in 2014 to strip him of his adopted nationality.

Gerard Depardieu back in France after becoming Russian citizen

The French actor was given a standing ovation for his performance in the American play Love Letters at the Theatre Antoine in Paris.

France's richest man Bernard Arnault 'drops bid to become Belgian'

The head of luxury group LVMH said he always denied the move was for tax reasons but had abandoned plans to avoid 'any ambiguity'.

LVMH chief moves fortune to Belgium

After months of speculation, France's richest person has finally placed his multi-billion euro fortune in Belgium, denying the move is over tax.