France's Hollande says he will finish mandate and rejects 'anti-poor' jibe

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Beleaguered president says he was 'elected for five years by the French people' and that serving the poor is the 'reason for my existence'.

Last French combat troops leave Afghanistan

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Departure comes two years before a deadline for all NATO combat forces to withdraw, hastened by attacks and a change of government in Paris.

Four French troops dead, five wounded in Afghanistan suicide attack

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Four French troops were killed and another five wounded in a suicide bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday.

US confident of France's commitment to NATO

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The United States is confident of France's commitment to NATO regardless of who wins the upcoming presidential election, say White House officials.

Britain and France jostle to 'rebuild' Libya's oilfields

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Hoping to reap rewards, Britain and France are engaged in a race to ‘rebuild' Libya and get oil, lifeblood of the shattered economy, flowing again.

Afghan civilians killed by French soldier

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A French soldier has opened fire on a civilian vehicle in Afghanistan, killing three people including a woman and child.

France says cease-fire deal could include Gadhafi remaining in Libya

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France is ready to consider Moammar Gaddafi remaining in Libya if he quits politics as part of a cease-fire, says French foreign minister.

Why this war on Gaddafi is a trap

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The civil war in Libya continues as the NATO-led military campaign against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces still fails to break the deadlock. France, the US, and UK have said a change of regime is not their goal, but also that they will not stop bombing until Gaddafi has gone. Meanwhile, NATO foreign ministers failed on Friday to agree for a call for more strike planes to assist the operation.Mediapart Editor-in-Chief Edwy Plenel argues here why military intervention was a misconceived campaign, a dupery led by French President Nicolas Sarkozy primarily for internal political considerations.