How French Resistance footballer murdered by the Nazis became an icon for grassroots fans

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During World War II a young man called Rino Della Negra played for the prestigious Red Star football club from Saint-Ouen in the northern suburbs of Paris. But as well as playing top-level football he was also secretly a member of a French Resistance group. Della Negra was executed on February 21st 1944 by the Nazis at the age of just 20, but later became an icon of the club's grassroots fans. Now two historians have charted the life of this young working class footballer. As Mickaël Correia reports, Della Negra was also the the son of Italian immigrants and his story makes a mockery of the hazy notion of “national identity” so beloved by the far-right today.

Marine Le Pen says far-right rival Zemmour’s camp has ‘a few Nazis’

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Feud between the pair escalates, as French far-right contenders bid to rally support. 

Jewish man leaves €2m to French village who sheltered him from Nazis

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Will left by Eric Schwam who died aged 90 on December 25th last year contained a surprise gift for Chambon-sur-Lignon in southeast France.

France gives top honours to Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld

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Serge Klarsfeld, 83, and his German-born wife Beate, 79, who became high-profile hunters of Nazi war criminals, notably tracking down the notorious former Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie, known as the 'Butcher of Lyon', in Bolivia, but also members of France’s collaborationist Vichy regime, have been awarded France’s highest awards for civil merit.

Looted Pissarro to return to France

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American universiry will hand 'La bergère rentrant des moutons', a painting looted by Nazis in 1941, to Holocaust survivor Leone Meyer.

France opens access to archives from Vichy wartime era

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Many documents relating to when Pétain regime collaborated with Nazi occupiers during World War II can now be ‘freely consulted’.

French court acquits Marine Le Pen of hate speech

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Head of far-right National Front party was on trial for comparing Muslims praying in the street to German occupation of France.

France's Marine Le Pen goes on trial over Muslim remarks

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Head of far-right Front National accused of inciting racial hatred for comparing Muslims praying in the street to the Nazi occupation.

French far right leader Marine Le Pen faces trial for comments on Muslims

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The president of the Front National faces charges of inciting racial hatred after comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi Occupation.

The fearless, peerless French lawyer who chronicled the Nazi Occupation

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Maurice Garçon was a celebrated lawyer, essayist, novelist, gifted amateur artist and historian who was ultimately elected to the illustrious Académie Française. But Garçon also kept a diary during World War II, including France's Occupation by the Nazis. This recently-published journal reveals an apolitical, solitary, contradictory man who loathed Hitler and the collaborationist Vichy regime in France, but who also disdained Charles de Gaulle and who remained fiercely independent in his views throughout the duration of the conflict. Here Mediapart's Antoine Perraud examines the revealing insights of this eccentric but perceptive character into how French society coped with one of the bleakest episodes in the country's history.

France's Le Pen angry at father for defending 'gas chamber' comment

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'I deeply disagree with him' says far-right leader Marine Le Pen after her father Jean-Marie repeats view that gas chambers are 'detail' of history.

US and France strike deal over SNCF role in the Holocaust

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American Holocaust survivors who were deported to death camps by French state rail firm SNCF will get compensation from €49m fund.

French TV ‘proves’ Coco Chanel spied for the Nazis

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Historian Franck Ferrand says previously unseen documents show the fashion designer worked directly for German military intelligence.

France returns artworks stolen by Nazis as Clooney film is released

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Three paintings are to be returned to their rightful owners the day before the release of a film about a WWII army unit dedicated to saving artworks.

Marine Le Pen expected to face charges for incitement to racial hatred

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French far-right leader, who compared Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation, faces prosecution after immunity is lifted by fellow MEPs.