Move to ban all 'ultra-right' rallies after Paris neo-Nazi march

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France's interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, has instructed all prefects - the regional chief administrative officers for central government - to issue bans on demonstrations organised by 'ultra-right' groups, following an outcry over the allowing of a neo-Nazi march in Paris at the weekend. 

The growing fears over France's teenage neo-Nazis

France — Investigation

A number of ultra-right terrorism cases in France in recent years have featured teenagers, a trend that is worrying the French authorities. In many cases youngsters are being recruited by groups from forums linked to online video games. Mediapart here reveals the case of a small ultra-right group whose 16-year-old leader and two associates were recently arrested. Sébastien Bourdon and Matthieu Suc report.

The neo-Nazi 'Zouaves Paris' group behind the violence at Zemmour rally


On Monday December 6th a small ultra-right group called 'Zouaves Paris' claimed responsibility for the violence committed against anti-racist activists at the previous day's political rally held by far-right presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. At the time, some people in charge of security at the event thanked those who carried out the attacks. On Tuesday the presidential candidate insisted he “condemned all the violence” while at the same time describing the activists from SOS Racisme as “provocateurs” and “handout seekers”. Sébastien Bourdon, Karl Laske and Marine Turchi report on the background to the ultra-right group involved in last Sunday's violence.

Revealed: the neo-Nazis within the ranks of France’s armed forces

France — Investigation

An investigation by Mediapart revealing the existence of neo-Nazi sympathisers among French military personnel has prompted the armed forces minister and France’s chief of defence staff to promise a crackdown on extremists within the ranks. The investigation, detailed here, identified 50 members of the French armed forces, many of who brazenly posted photos and videos on social media illustrating their admiration of Nazi ideology. Sébastien Bourdon, Justine Brabant and Matthieu Suc report.

French Neo-Nazi group goes on trial in Amiens

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Eighteen members of the White Wolves Klan face 35 charges including armed violence, theft and attempted murder.

French authorities crackdown on neo-Nazi group

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Cache of weapons was found and 11 people were arrested after police raids in eight regions across France.