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France detains six from suspected jihadi network

The suspects from Toulouse and Albi are believed to have handled questionable money transfers and recruited candidates to wage jihad.

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French police arrest ten in raids on suspected jihadist recruitment network

The arrests for 'conspiracy to prepare acts of terrorism' focussed on a network allegedly based in the south-west city of Toulouse.

French court convicts nine in Afghan terror network

The men, three of them tried in their absence, were part of terrorist network that trained in Afghanistan and reportedly planned attacks in France.

Germany and France plan secure new data network

Germany's Angela Merkel to discuss with Francois Hollande a European solution to avoid emails and other information passing through the US.

France arrests four suspected of sending militants to Syria

The four, aged between 22 and 35, were arrested in the Paris suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine following an investigation that started in mid-2012.

French police crack 'huge' Albanian drug gang

French police have dismantled what officials called a "huge" Albanian heroin-trafficking network, making 39 arrests in the eastern town of Mulhouse.

France Telecom says software glitch to blame for massive outage

Company says the origin of a problem that left 26 million customers unable to make calls or send text messages was a software problem.

Cash-strapped France may halt high-speed train expansion

France may abandon plans for a major extension of its high-speed train network as the new left-wing government strives to shrink its huge debt.