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The new French government under an all-powerful Macron

French Prime Minister Jean Castex (main photo left) and his 16 principal ministers. © AFP French Prime Minister Jean Castex (main photo left) and his 16 principal ministers. © AFP

The announcement of the composition of the government to serve under France’s newly appointed prime minister Jean Castex was largely a reshuffle, but with a few notable new arrivals, including the controversial figure of lawyer Éric Dupont-Moretti who was appointed as justice minister. It is also marked by the reinforcement of allies of former president Nicolas Sarkozy to key posts. Ellen Salvi reports on the comings and goings, and analyses the process by which President Emmanuel Macron, with his appointment of Castex, has largely effaced the remaining power of the post of prime minister, and significantly increased his own.

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The key ministers in Emmanuel Macron's new French government

President Emmanuel Macron and his prime minister Edouard Philippe revealed the new French government on Wednesday, with a total of 22 ministers and junior ministers, split equally between men and women, including socialists, centrists and conservatives among whom nine occupy these key posts.  

New French government unveiled

Among the notable moves was the naming of Nicolas Hulot, a former TV programme maker turned figurehead for the ecologist movement, at the  environment ministry, outgoing socialist defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who supported President Emmanuel Macron's election campaign, as foreign affairs minister, conservative Bruno Le Maire as economy minister, centre-right MEP Sylvie Goulard as defence minister and centre-right leader François Bayrou, a key ally in Macron's presidential bid, as justice minister.