Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Le Pen will name eurosceptic Dupont-Aignan as PM if elected

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Le Pen said she and Dupont-Aignan, who has backed his former rival after getting 4.7% of the vote in first round, share a 'common project'.

French Right flirts with own version of EU referendum

France — Analysis

Marine Le Pen, the head of France's far-right Front National has predictably welcomed Britain's vote to leave the European Union and has promised the French people a similar 'in-out' referendum if she is elected president. However, the idea of holding some form of referendum is also now gaining ground among presidential hopefuls on the mainstream Right, even if they are unwilling to give voters a straight choice between staying in or leaving the institution that France helped found. Aurélie Delmas reports on how the French Right is now extolling the virtues of national sovereignty in the wake of the Brexit vote.