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Journalist 'witnessed deal' over Libyan funding of Sarkozy campaign


A Tunisian journalist who became a prominent figure in Muammar Gaddafi's regime has revealed that he was present during the negotiations over Libyan funding of Nicolas Sarkozy's 2007 presidential campaign. Tahaer Dahec says that the sum agreed was 57 million euros, part of which went to a middle man. The revelation comes after a French TV station broadcast an interview with the late Libyan dictator in which Gaddafi himself spoke about how he funded the campaign. As Karl Laske reports, it is yet more powerful evidence of the illegal financing by a foreign power of the former French president's election bid.

Gaddafi funded ‘mentally deficient’ Sarkozy, interview claims

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In audio recording Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi says he helped bankroll former French president's 2007 presidential bid.

Sarkozy's 500,000-euro fine for undeclared campaign expenses paid, his allies announce his return


Amid the continuing woes of French President François Hollande, dubbed by opinion poll results as France’s most unpopular president on record, the man he beat in elections less than two years ago is apparently decided upon making a come-back attempt for the presidency in 2017. After months of rumour over an eventual renewed bid, Nicolas Sarkozy’s political ally Bernadette Chirac, wife of former president Jacques Chirac, told French radio on Wednesday that Sarkozy will indeed run against Hollande in the next elections in three years’ time. Her comments came as Mediapart has learnt that Sarkozy has settled more than 500,000 euros in fines imposed upon him for undisclosed expenses in his failed 2012 election campaign, opening the path for his return to the political forefront. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

Why France must cure itself of its addiction to Nicolas Sarkozy

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The media is constantly speculating about the likelihood of former president Nicolas Sarkozy returning to the political fray and ultimately challenging President François Hollande at the next presidential election. Here academic, author and Mediapart contributor Christian Salmon argues that it has always been apparent that Sarkozy would seek revenge for his defeat at the hands of Hollande in 2012, and that the 'will he, won't he' story of his possible return is simply a marketing ploy to get French public opinion acclimatised to the idea. The real issue in 2014, says Salmon, is how to wean France off its addiction to Sarkozyism before it takes hold of the country once again...

Sarkozy snubs Hollande's invite to fly with him to Nelson Mandela funeral

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Hollande and his predecessor will fly in separate government jets to avoid spending lengthy flight together to and from South Africa.

The key document that could land Sarkozy before a judge in Karachi political funding scandal

France — Investigation

Judges investigating suspicions that senior politicians, including Nicolas Sarkozy, were implicated in the use of kickbacks from defence deals to illegally fund a presidential campaign have uncovered a dramatic new piece of evidence. The document, published here by Mediapart, shows that as budget minister Sarkozy signed a letter backing the complex set-up that led to the illegal payments. The document, which dates from 1994, contradicts claims from the former president that he had no involvement in the affair. Its discovery coincides with moves to get Sarkozy and two other former ministers investigated by a special court that handles allegations of offences committed by ministers in the line of duty. Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske report.

Gaddafi-Sarkozy corruption affair: ex-spy chief 'ready to help French investigation'

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Colonel Gaddafi's former intelligence chief is said to be ready to cooperate fully with French judges who are probing claims that the Libyan regime illegally funded Nicolas Sarkozy's successful presidential election campaign in 2007. Abdullah Senussi's daughter told Mediapart: 'My father can help the judges find the proof.' Anoud Senussi has been in Paris to ask officials at the Elysée Palace to intercede on behalf of her father, who faces the death sentence in Libya where he is currently held on war crime charges. Fabrice Arfi reports.  

Sarkozy basks in joker card comeback strategy

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His allies claim he receives popular applause whenever he attends concerts by his wife Carla Bruni as he keeps options open for a political comeback.

French documentary shows Sarkozys at home and unguarded

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In a candid documentary filmed during his last, failed campaign, the former French president appears to rule out a political comeback.

'Manifestly abusive behaviour': what the judges really thought about Nicolas Sarkozy in Bettencourt affair


Nicolas Sarkozy and his political allies have been celebrating the decision by judges to drop proceedings against him in relation to the Bettencourt affair. But in their official judgement the two examining magistrates make clear they nonetheless regard the former president's behaviour towards the elderly and frail L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt to be 'abusive'. Mediapart here publishes extracts from a ruling whose tough language throws into context Sarkozy's claim that he has been declared 'innocent'. Michel Deléan reports.

Sarkozy’s legal woes roll on despite court ruling

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Probe into ex-president's role in Bettencourt affair is over but other cases threaten damage to his reputation as he mulls over poltical comeback.

Bettencourt affair: case dismissed against Sarkozy


After a long and politically explosive legal saga, the proceedings against Nicolas Sarkozy in relation to the Bettencourt affair have been dropped. The former president, who had denied any wrongdoing, had faced allegations that he took advantage of the mental frailty of L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt to get cash for his 2007 election campaign. But on Monday the investigating magistrates in charge of this high-profile case decided not to send the former president to court to face charges. Allies believe this clears the path to his return to French politics. However ten others, including former employment minister and ex-UMP treasurer Éric Woerth, are to stand trial over the Bettencourt affair. Michel Deléan reports.

Bettencourt affair: Sarkozy 'secret cash' case dropped

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Former president will not stand trial on allegations - which he denied - that he abused frailty of L'Oréal heiress to get election campaign funds.

Nicolas Sarkozy's 'shocking comments' lost him election, says ex-wife

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Nicolas Sarkozy displayed a “worrying impulsiveness” according to his ex-wife in extracts of a “tell-all” autobiography.

France's Sarkozy appeals against vote funding investigation

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Former president appeals to Court of Cassation over investigation into allegations that he took advantage of mental frailty of L'Oréal heiress.