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Sacked French environment minister launches outspoken attack on president and prime minister

Hours after publicly criticising cuts to her department’s budget, environment minister Delphine Batho was sacked by the president and prime minister. On Thursday she hit back with an extraordinary attack on them for their handling of her dismissal and of their style of government.

Verbal spat heats up as French minister slams European Commission chief as useless

Trade minister Nicole Bricq said Jose Manuel Barroso was a poor choice for the job and had achieved nothing in his term of office.

Stupeur après le départ de Nicole Bricq de l’écologie

Nicole Bricq a-t-elle été sanctionnée pour avoir voulu geler les projets de forage pétroliers au large de la Guyane ? Son départ du ministère de l'écologie intervient en pleine affaire des permis Shell.