France makes small troop increase to anti-jihadist ops in Sahel

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French President Emmanuel Macron has held a summit in Pau, south-west France, with leaders of five West African states engaged alongside France in fighting jihadist forces in the Sahel when he announced a further 220 French troops would be sent to the region to join their 4,500 colleagues already on the ground and the creation of a joint command structure with regional states.

France summons African leaders, threatening troop pullout

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Facing hostility in five former colonies over a stalled fight against extremists, President Macron has taken a harsh public stance but few expect him to follow through.

How France's narrow focus on a military solution in Mali has led to stalemate in region

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On Monday November 25th 13 members of the French military were killed when two helicopters crashed in Mali during France's ongoing military operations there. The grim news sparked debates back in France about the country's military involvement in the Sahel region of Africa. But as Mediapart's René Backmann writes, the legacy of France's colonial past and the remnants of its post-colonial approach to the continent known as 'Françafrique' suggest that President Emmanuel Macron's government will be unable to see that military combat against jihadism is not the only response that is needed to tackle the region's instability.

France to take in sub-Saharan migrants freed from Libyan camps

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In the wake of footage of sub-Saharan migrants captured in Libya being sold as slaves, France has pledged to offer asylum to 25 Eritreans, Ethiopians and Sudanese, including 15 women and four children, who were taken to Niger under UN protection from detention in the North African country. 

The corruption pact behind the suitcases of Libyan cash sent to Paris

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Mediapart is publishing four documents which prove that from 2005 to 2009 Nicolas Sarkozy and his aides tried to extricate Libyan spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi from his legal problems in France where he had been convicted for his involvement in the bombing of a passenger plane over Africa. The same Senussi is suspected of having sent five million euros in Libyan cash to Sarkozy and his chief of staff Claude Guéant before the 2007 presidential election - as revealed by the man who says he physically carried the money, arms dealer Ziad Takieddine. Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske report.

France 'will have to pay US' for military aid in Africa

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US defence officials say they will ask for cost of helping France fight insurgents in Sahel region of Africa to be 'reimbursed'.

French hostages return home amid ransom speculation

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Four hostages kidnapped in 2010 by al Qaeda-linked group arrive back in Paris where officials denied reports a ransom was paid for their release.

French Niger hostages released after three years in captivity

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The four male hostages, kidnapped in Niger in 2010 at a uranium mine run by the French nuclear company Areva, are reportedly in fair health.

Suicide bombers target French-operated uranium mine in Niger

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At least one person died and 13 others were wounded in the attack, while another targetted a military camp killing 20 soldiers.

French special forces 'protecting Niger uranium'

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Military sources say special forces to be sent to Niger uranium sites run by French state-owned company Areva as threat of attacks rise over Mali.

France makes belated call to bring Libyan spy chief to justice for 1989 airliner bombing

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France calls for the extradition of former Libyan spy chief Abdullah Senussi for his part in a 1989 airliner bombing over Niger that killed 170 people.