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Economist Joseph Stiglitz: 'Europe is on the brink'

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In an interview with Mediapart the celebrated Nobel Prize winner for economics, Joseph Stiglitz, says he is worried about the continuing pursuit of austerity policies in the Eurozone. The economist say he is concerned, too, about President Donald Trump's policies and the explosion in inequality since the financial crisis of 2008. More than ever, he tells Mediapart, there is a need for wages to rise, for better regulation of the financial world and for a war on huge “monopolies”. Mathieu Magnaudeix reports.  

French writer Patrick Modiano hits boom abroad since Nobel Prize

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Ten works by the 70-year-old author have been published in the US following the award last October, with another six due later this year.

Economics Nobel laureate tells France to 'downsize the state'

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Hours after winning prize, Jean Tirole advocates Scandinavian-style policies to tackle 'catastrophic' labour market situation in France.

France hits back at French bashers with Nobel wins

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After Nobel award for French writer and then economist, prime minister rounds on critics saying it is 'one in the eye' for country's detractors.

French economist wins Nobel Prize

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Jean Tirole rewarded for his work on market power and regulation which judges say has made him 'one of the most influential economists of our time'.

The fear of 'forgetting' that drives French Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano

Culture et idées — Analysis

On Thursday French author Patrick Modiano was named as the 2014 recipient of the Nobel Prize for literature. In its citation the Swedish Academy said the prize had been awarded to honour “the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the Occupation”. It is, above all, recognition of 40 years of an obsessive quest, motivated by the fear of forgetting. Here Mediapart journalist Ellen Salvi, who spent five years at the Sorbonne in Paris studying Modiano's work and who has met the media-shy writer in person, shares her insight into the past influences and “previous lives” that have helped shape his writing.

French writer Patrick Modiano wins the Nobel prize for literature

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The author, the 11th French writer to win prize, is best-known for his novel 'Missing Person' about a detective who loses his memory.