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Notre Dame clean-up resumes after halt over lead contamination

Work on cleaning up the damage to Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, which was severely damaged by fire in April, resumed on Monday after a break of three weeks due to widespread lead contamination from the building, the extent of which was revealed by Mediapart last month. 

Parents talk of 'Kafkaesque' official response to Notre Dame toxic lead fears

Site workers at Notre-Dame cathedral on July 17th 2019 © Reuters. Site workers at Notre-Dame cathedral on July 17th 2019 © Reuters.

Out of 175 children so far tested after the April fire at the cathedral, 16 have levels of lead in their blood above the threshold at which an initial alert is raised, according to figures from the Paris regional health authority. Two have concentrations above the level at which lead poisoning is officially declared, though one of these cases is not apparently linked to lead from the blaze. Meanwhile the parents of one child with high lead levels in his blood have spoken of the “Kafkaesque” response of the authorities to their plight. Pascale Pascariello reports.

Calls for Notre-Dame cathedral to be sealed over lead fears

Blaze that destroyed cathedral's spire and roof also melted massive quantities of lead, toxic dust from which has been deposited on the ground.

French environmental group file suit over Notre Dame lead pollution

Environmental protection NGO Robin des Bois has filed a lawsuit claiming 'the relevent authorities, including the diocese [...] neglected to assist residents, visitors and workers, allowing them to be exposed to the toxic fallout' of lead pollution caused by the fire that ravaged Notre Dame cathedral in April, following Mediapart's report earlier this month of high levels of lead contamination in the surrounding area.

Notre-Dame fire: rain threatens France's damaged cathedral

Architects fear that heavy rainfall - forecast for the French capital on Wednesday - could result in further collapse of the 800-year-old cathedral.

Moves for temporary 'wooden cathedral' in front of Notre-Dame

The rector of Notre-Dame, Monsignor Patrick Chauvet, has said that a wooden structure to receive worshippers should be erected in front of the fire-damaged 850-year-old cathedral while it is repaired, which is expected to take at least five years.

Hundreds of million of euros pledged for rebuild of Notre-Dame

As the vast and costly project to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral after the huge damage caused by fire on Monday, individuals have begun donating to a public fund for the reconstruction, while several corporations have pledged contributions totalling of several hundred million euros. 

What the Notre-Dame fire reveals about the soul of France

Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, which was devastated by fire on Monday evening, occupies a very special place in France because of its combination of the secular, the sacred and the profane, and its symbolic representation of the country as a whole.

Fire destroys large parts of Notre-Dame cathedral

A fire that erupted early Monday evening in the upper sections of the 850-year-old Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris was still buring late into the night after destroying the world-renowned building's  roof and famous spire, although more significant damage is feared to both its structure and historic artefacts.

Man shot by French police after 'terror' attack with hammer and knives

One policeman was lightly injured in the attack outside Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, during which assailant shouted: "This is for Syria."

Woman arrested over foiled Paris attack faces formal investigation

Woman, 29, investigated over involvement in a terrorist act and attempted murder while three other women are still being questioned by police.

Paris gas canister car: arrested women 'directed by IS in Syria'

Paris prosecutor François Molins, who said a terror cell had been dismantled, said it showed Islamic State 'wants to create female fighters'.

Arrested militants planned attack on Paris rail station, says France

French president François Hollande said a terror cell had been shut down and an attack 'foiled' after three women were arrested.

Notre Dame gas cylinder car: three women arrested

Police office stabbed during arrest of the three women who were described as 'fanatics' and 'radicalised' by French interior minister.

Car containing gas cylinders found near Notre Dame in Paris

Owner of the Peugeot 607 left near cathedral has been arrested and is on watchlist of people suspected of religious radicalism, an official said.