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Health scandal over 'unprecedented' lead levels after Notre-Dame fire

Notre-Dame cathedral after the fire in April 2019. © Reuters Notre-Dame cathedral after the fire in April 2019. © Reuters

Levels of lead concentration 400 to 700 times the maximum authorised limit have been detected in the ground inside and around Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris since the fire that destroyed it in April, according to confidential documents seen by Mediapart. Neither the regional health authority nor the Paris police authorities – who have carried out one of the tests - have passed on these results to people living near by or people working in contaminated areas. One reason for not doing so is apparently the fear of alarming people. Pascale Pascariello reports.

France launches global tender for Notre-Dame reconstruction

French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on Wedensday announced that architects in France and worldwide are invited to propose a project to meet the ambitious programme announced by President emmanuel Macron to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral, ravaged by fire on Monday, in time for the Paris 2024 Olymic games.

Notre-Dame apostles come down to earth for clean-up

In their first return to earth in more than 150 years, bronze statues depicting the 12 apostles and the four evangelists from the New Testament have been removed by a giant crane from Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris for a clean-up of the effects of pollution and weather, part of an 11-million-euro restoration of the Gothic landmark.