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'Serious' fire breaks out on French nuclear-powered attack sub

A fire that broke out Friday on one of France's six nuclear attack submarines during renovation in the southern port of Toulon was described as 'serious' by a French navy official after it took 14 hours to bring under control, while defence minister Florence Parly insisted 'there was not a nuclear accident'.

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France orders EDF to tackle nuclear project failings

EDF’s Flamanville 3 nuclear project in France is running more than 10 years behind schedule and has racked up billions of euros in cost overruns.

Inside the French army’s chemical and biological weapons antidote factory

By Rozenn Le Saint
In the quality control laboratory at the French Army's antidote-producing Central Pharmacy. © RLS In the quality control laboratory at the French Army's antidote-producing Central Pharmacy. © RLS

In a military base not far from the city of Orleans south of Paris, a top-security factory ensures France is well-prepared for a range of chemical and biological threats. Even when there is no imminent danger some 30 million to 40 million pills are made each year – and destroyed when they pass their expiry date. Mediapart's Rozenn Le Saint was given rare access.

French government reassures on Hinkley Point project

French economy minister Emmanuel Macron says Brexit vote will have 'no consequences' on the £18billion nuclear plant project in Britain.

President Hollande backs EDF’s nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Britain

French head of state threw his weight behind it after his energy minister Ségolène Royal questioned financial sense of £18 billion project.

EDF delays Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant decision

French energy firm admits there will be no final word on £18 bn project until at least the summer as it pledges to consult works committee.

EDF's own engineers oppose Hinkley Point nuclear project


Plans by French energy giant EDF to build two European Pressurised Reactors (EPRs) at the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in south-west England have already triggered the resignation of the company's finance director, led to opposition from unions and raised doubts from France's financial watchdog. Now, Mediapart can reveal, in an unprecedented move a number of EDF's own engineers have also expressed their deep misgivings about the multi-billion euro project and called for it to be delayed. As Martine Orange reports, the engineers fear the Hinkley Point construction could threaten the group's plans to renew France's own nuclear power stations in the near future.

France nuclear incident 'worse than reported'

German media quote expert as saying 2014 incident at Fessenheim plant near German border was unique occurrence in Western Europe.

France set to extend life of nuclear reactors

Energy minister Ségolène Royal says she is ready to raise the limit on existing reactors to 50 years from 40 years.

Nuclear test compensation main issue as Hollande visits French Polynesia

French head of state starts Pacific tour with visit to Wallis and Futuna, followed by French Polynesia and finally Peru, Argentina and Uruguay.

Electricity giant EDF takes charge of France's new 'nuclear adventure'


The French utilities group EDF is now officially the sole company overseeing France's nuclear industry. This follows an agreement in principle signed earlier this week between EDF and the ailing French nuclear firm Areva which will create a joint company in charge of designing and building new nuclear reactors. France's economy minister Emmanuel Macron has sought to draw a line under the French nuclear industry's recent financial fiasco, preferring to speak instead of a “new adventure” for the sector. Mediapart's Martine Orange analyses the deal.

France’s EDF and Areva agree nuclear reactor deal

Deal seen as crucial for France which generates three quarters of electricity from nuclear and needs Areva to service its existing reactor fleet.

France warns Iran over nuclear deal as deadline nears

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius said Paris will not accept deal unless inspections can be done at all Iranian installations, including military.

France is 'replacing UK as America’s top ally in Europe'

Two US experts argue France is only big NATO  power in Europe with military capability and political will to tackle threats to Atlantic Alliance.

Israeli officials head to France in bid to block Iran nuclear deal

Israeli intelligence minister in last-minute meetings with top French diplomats involved in the talks over Tehran's nuclear programme.