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More safety delays for EDF flagship nuclear reactor at Flamanville

The French nuclear watchdog, the ASN, has ordered state-owned EDF to repair eight faulty weldings in the containment building of its EPR reactor at the Flamanville nuclear plant on the Channel coast, adding further woes to a project already well over budget and deadline, and which raises further questions over its EPR contracts in Finland and for the nuclear plant of Hinkley Point in south-west Britain.

Greenpeace militants enter French nuclear plant in safety protest

A group of eight Greenpeace militants broke into a nuclear plant at Cattenom in north-east France early on Thursday, where they let off fireworks in a filmed protest to highlight what the organisation says are inadequate security measures to prevent malicious attacks.

EDF board gives go-ahead for Hinkley Point nuclear plant

The French utilities giant is now committed to the controversial project in south-west England, despite fears the cost could threaten EDF's future.

Luxembourg offers to part-fund closure of French nuclear plant

Luxembourg's PM Xavier Bettel told his visiting French counterpart that a problem at the nearby Cattenom plant could "wipe the duchy off the map".

French ecology minister indicates U-turn on closure of oldest nuclear plant

Fessenheim plant closure was one of President François Hollande's election pledges, but minister argues this depends upon opening new reactors.

French nuclear safety agency warns of Flamanville EPR meltdown risk

By Pascale Pascariello
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French nuclear safety inspectors have discovered numerous faults with crucial safety valves in the cooling system of what will be one of the world’s biggest nuclear power plants under construction at Flamanville, on the Channel coast, Mediapart can reveal. The malfunctioning valves for the Areva-designed, third-generation European Pressurized Reactor could cause its meltdown, in a similar scenario to the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident in the US. The inspectors’ damning confidential report, obtained by Mediapart, follows the revelation last month that the Flamanville EPR reactor’s vessel contained excessive amounts of carbon that could cause it to crack. Pascale Pascariello reports.

Two workers hurt in leak at oldest French nuke plant

The French governement said a steam leak at France's oldest nuclear plant, in which two workers sustained injuries, posed no risk.

Greenpeace paraglider drops in on nuclear plant

A Greenpeace paraglider has landed in a French nuclear plant in a stunt to highlight what the organistaion claims are gaps in reactors' security.

Oldest French nuclear plant may stay open 10 more years

Leaked report by French nuclear safety agency indicates the Fessenheim nuclear power plant, opened in 1977, will remain active ten more years.