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EDF's Flamanville EPR reactor repairs to cost further 1.5bln euros

French utility giant EDF has announced that welding repair work ordered by France's nuclear power safety watchdog to its under-contsruction, third-generation nuclear reactor at Flamanville in northern France will add another 1.5 billion euros to the cost of the project, which is already running more than 7 billion euros over budget, while its entry into service, initially planned for 2012, is not now likely before 2023.

Heatwave may force nuclear power shutdown in France

Even as air temperatures fall, shortages and excessive temperatures of river water used to cool reactors are worrying nuclear operators EDF.

Macron unveils plan to reduce reliance on nuclear energy

French president will delay meeting the nuclear energy cap goal set by predecessor, François Hollande, by 10 years.

France to reduce share of nuclear in power mix 'asap'

French junior environment minister Brune Poirson made the commitment on Tuesday, although she did not give a target date.

France plans closure of 17 nuclear reactors by 2025

Environment minister Nicolas Hulot has announced a plan to shut down 17 out of France's 58 nuclear reactors as part of a pledge to reduce the share of nuclear production of the country's energy from 75 percent to 50 percent by the year 2025, although he did not detail which plants would be partially or totally closed.

Boomerang effect: Hinkley nuclear project comes back to haunt Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron, then economy minister, and EDF boss Jean-Bernard Lévy at a nuclear power station at Civaux, near Poitiers, March 17th, 2016. © Reuters Emmanuel Macron, then economy minister, and EDF boss Jean-Bernard Lévy at a nuclear power station at Civaux, near Poitiers, March 17th, 2016. © Reuters

The new French government has reacted as if it were surprised at the news that the French-led project to build a new nuclear power station in south-west England is already behind schedule and over budget. Yet it has known about the financial and technical risks posed by the Hinkley Point scheme for a long time, says Martine Orange. For the minister who personally backed and oversaw the massive project during the last presidency now himself occupies the Élysée.

EDF refutes report of plan to delay scaling back nuclear power output

French tility giant EDF has dismissed a TV report that it has a secret plan to delay reducing the share of nuclear power in France's energy mix to 50% by 2025, as required by a law passed two years ago, to 2050 instead, describing the suggestion as "malicious rumours". 

French energy minister vows to close France’s oldest nuclear plant

Ségolène Royal says government intends to issue a decree ordering the closure of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant by next month.

Explosion at French reactor: no nuclear risk, say officials

A senior local official said the blast at the site in northern France was a 'significant technical event' but was not a 'nuclear accident'.

EDF agrees deal to close France's oldest nuclear plant

Utility giant EDF has agreed a compensation deal for the closure, now planned for 2018, of the almost 40-year-old power station at Fessenheim, close to the border with Germany in eastern France and built in an area vulnerable to earthquakes and above one of Europe's biggest underground water reservoirs.

French audit watchdog warns EDF of Hinkley Point danger


French utility giant EDF is facing mounting pressure to abandon its project to build two nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in south-west Britain. Days after the resignation on March 7th of the state-owned group’s finance director over the financial risks involved, it was the turn of France’s national court of auditors to sound the alarm amid a damning report on EDF’s international operations. Martine Orange reports.

EDF 'facing financial meltdown' at Hinkley Point


A project by French energy giant EDF to build two European Pressurised Reactors (EPRs) at the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in south-west Britain has mobilised large numbers of its staff and management against the move. They believe that the huge industrial and financial risks for EDF may result in a meltdown of the group. Martine Orange reports.

Nuclear exit unthinkable for climate conference host France

French scientists played a key role in discovering radioactivity and atomic energy is broadly accepted by all major political parties except the greens.

Revealed: the hidden study that says all France’s electricity can come from renewables by 2050

Mediapart has gained access to a report by the French government’s environment and energy agency which concludes that France’s electricity supply, of which 75% is currently produced by nuclear power, could be entirely provided by renewable energies in 2050. Furthermore, the study found that a 100% reliance on renewables is not only materially and technologically feasible, but that it would also cost relatively little more than the electricity supply in which nuclear power plays a key part. The study was due to be made public this month, but its publication has now been inexplicably postponed until after the summer, and after key energy strategy decisions are to be taken by the government. In this report by Christophe Gueugneau and Jade Lindgaard, Mediapart presents the study in its entirety and highlights the key findings.

Greenpeace activists arrested in French nuclear break-in

France's nuclear safety authority say they did not enter into the buildings of nuclear power plant in Fessenheim and security was not compromised.