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Macron says France will build more nuclear energy reactors

French head of state said the decision to go for new reactors was essential to keep prices “reasonable”.

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France's EDF may halt four nuclear reactors due to heatwave

EDF’s nuclear plants along Rhone river use its waters to regulate temperature of their reactors, discharging warm water back into the waterway.

France to shut down 'some' nuclear reactors, pledges new minister

New French environment and energy minister Nicolas Hulot, a figurehead of the French Green movement, announced on Monday 'we are going to close some nuclear reactors and it won't be just a symbolic move'.

Ailing French nuclear builder Areva admits to reactor part 'irregularities'

An audit ordered by safety watchdog revealed anomalies in 400 reactor parts, some still in service, raising suspicion of falsified documents.

Hollande in India to push fighter deal and sale of nuclear reactors

France's president said an agreement was under discussion for India's purchase of 36 Rafale jets, along with a deal for six Areva-built reactors.