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The French government’s intolerable snub to democracy

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Democracy belongs to neither the Left nor the Right, and when it is flouted by governments of either political side every democrat worthy of the name must simply say “no”, argues Mediapart editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel following the socialist government’s decision to force through parliament, without a vote, its controversial labour law reforms which, he writes in this op-ed, represent a social regression for every employee in France.

France faces new series of protests

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Protests against labour reforms and action over unemployment benefits for entertainment workers take place across France.

France’s latest protest party lasts all night

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The Nuit Debout movement has unsettled France’s political elite which is still fearful of the power of street protests.

A night with Nuit Debout, France's novel protest movement

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Since March 31st, an increasing series of nocturnal sit-ins have taken over town and city centres around France. Called Nuit Debout, (roughly meaning ‘Standing Up Night’), they are gatherings of people of all ages who are dismayed by the political scene in France. They hold debates, spontaneous discussions, break out in song, swap books, eat together and hold occasional demonstrations. There is no official aim, and there are no official leaders, and no-one knows where it will all end. The movement began on the Place de la République in central Paris, in the aftermath of a demonstration against the government’s proposed labour law reform. Christophe Gueugneau and Michaël Hajdenberg joined the sit-in there this weekend.

France's all-night Nuit Debout protests roll on - back in time

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The sit-ins which began in central Paris on March 31st, spreading across France and to abroad, refuse April can begin until society is overhauled.