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Macron invited to US for first state visit of Trump administration

French President Emmanuel Macron is to make the first official visit of a foreign leader to the United States under the Trump administration, expected to take place in late April, when he will notably address Congress.

UK royals William and Kate visit France on-post Brexit charm offensive

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Paris on Friday on an official visit and what observers regard as a diplomatic charm campaign as London prepares to trigger the process of leaving the European Union.  

Hollande in Haiti dodges reparation demands

The French president, the first to make an official visit to the Caribbean island, sidestepped demands for repayment of imposed 19th-century debt.

Hollande's historic trip to Cuba


French President François Hollande on Monday became the first French head of state to make an official visit to Cuba, and the first in Europe to make the trip since the rapprochement announced last December between Washington and Havana. The one-day visit – Hollande will leave for Haiti on Tuesday, ending a six-island tour of the Caribbean – is another important step for Cuba’s new-found normalisation on the international stage, but also a key event in France’s efforts to strengthen its presence in Latin America. Lénaïg Bredoux analyses what is at stake and reports on the buildup to the thaw in relations with a regime French foreign minister Laurent Fabius once described as a "loathsome" dictatorship.