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José Mourinho, the British Virgin Islands and tax havens

By Michael Hajdenberg, Michel Henry, Yann Philippin
The 'Special One' José Mourinho. © Reuters The 'Special One' José Mourinho. © Reuters

The football manager dubbed the “Special One” who is currently in charge of Manchester United hid 12 million euros in Switzerland via an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands that he controlled through a New Zealand trust. Documents from Football Leaks show that José Mourinho hid some information from the tax authorities. As Michael Hajdenberg, Michel Henry and Yann Philippin report, this could lead to potential criminal proceedings against the manager if the tax authorities decide to reopen their files. Mourinho and his advisors strongly deny any wrongdoing.

Riddle of the sands: ArcelorMittal financial mysteries hidden in Dubai


In a previous article, Mediapart described how steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal built his conglomerate on the ruins of Eastern and Western Europe’s restructuring steel industries, taking loans and subsidies but paying hardly any tax on the continent. In the second and concluding article of her investigation Martine Orange reports on how ArcelorMittal has based its financial branch in the desert of Dubai, reveals the curious network of tax-haven companies through which the Mittal family controls the operation, and wonders just why the group's results in Europe were so bad even during the good years for steel makers.

François Hollande campaign treasurer invested in offshore businesses

Jean-Jacques Augier says he did nothing illegal, but coming after the Cahuzac affair the news may embarrass a president aiming to tackle tax havens.