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Prominent French political scientist escapes 'incest' prosecution

Olivier Duhamel, 71, a prominent and influential figure among the Parisian intellectual glitterati leftist elite who was forced to admit sexually abusing his stepson after the latter's sister revealed the assaults in a book, will not be prosecuted because of the French statute of limitations. 

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Toppled French academic admits sexual abuse of stepson

Olivier Duhamel , the once senior French political scientist and influential president of a Paris club for the social and political elite, has admitted under police questioning that he sexually abused his stepson when the latter was a minor, confirming accusations made earlier this year by his stepdaughter  and which led to his professional downfall.   

'Abuser stepfather' case prompts French #Metooinceste wave

An outpouring of accounts of incest posted in French on Twitter under the hashtag #Metooinceste was reported this weekend, following the publication of a book in France revealing how high-profile academic, constituionalist and media figure Olivier Duhamel sexually abused his stepson, and how the family and friends covered up the scandal.

French intellectual resigns over claims in book he raped his stepson

In her book La Familia Grande ('The big family'), lawyer Camille Kouchner accuses her step father Olivier Duhamel of sexually abusing her twin brother when he was 14 years old.