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New open letter by French soldiers evokes civil war

Following an open letter by semi-retired French generals claiming that France was facing a civil war, notably because of Islamic extremism, published last month in Valeurs Actuelles, the hard-right magazine has now published a second open letter on the same theme, this time by active members of the military.  

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French cinema awards body under fire from actors and filmmakers

Around 200 French cinema professionals have signed an open letter calling for the overhaul and democratisation of the organisation behind France's César awards, the country's equivalent to the Oscars, which they complain is an 'elitist and closed system'.

More than 650 French hospital doctors threaten to quit over funding

In an open letter published in the press, 660 French public hospital doctors have threatened to resign unless the health ministry opens urgent talks to redress funding shortfalls that have caused severe disruption to services and the departure of staff towards the private sector.

Open letter linking Islam to anti-Semitism sparks backlash in France

Signed by prominent figures, it drew a link between anti-Semitism and Islam, blaming Islamist radicalisation for a 'quiet ethnic purge' of Jews.

Catherine Deneuve apologises to victims of sexual assault

French actress Catherine Deneuve, who last week sparked a feminist backlash as one of 100 prominent women who signed an open letter denouncing a new 'puritanism' sparked by recent sexual harassment scandals, has apologised to victims of 'hideous acts' who might have felt hurt by her stand.