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Polls show Macron ahead of Le Pen as he warns of post-Trump ‘hangover’

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Macron compared France's choice in Sunday's presidential runoff to that of US voters before they elected Donald Trump into the White House, and warned his current polling lead was no guarantee of victory.

Far-right TV host Zemmour overtakes Le Pen in French polls

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New figures suggest commentator and polemicist Éric Zemmour would qualify for the second round in the election runoff next spring.

Macron plays public opinion card against his critics

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Emmanuel Macron has always insisted he is not worried about opinion polls and that, as head of state, he is willing to court unpopularity to do what he considers right for France. That has not stopped him basing his political strategy around what the public says, sometimes playing off the polls against critics of his reforms – even if that risks dividing the French people. Ellen Salvi looks at the French president's approach to public opinion.

Macron's approval rating goes negative after just three months

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YouGov poll, commissioned for Huffington Post and CNews TV channel, echoes results of another survey on president's sliding popularity.

Why President Macron's popularity has fallen

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Spending cuts, his row with the French military and a perceived aloofness have all contributed to a drop in the opinion polls.

Latest French election polls show Macron easily beating Le Pen

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Two opinion polls on voting intentions published on Sunday gave maverick centrist presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron a comfortable second-round win over the far-right's Marine Le Pen, suggesting the former economy minister has been boosted by his recent alliance with centre-right veteran François Bayrou.

Sarkozy aide probed over alleged opinion polls scam

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Sarkozy's former chief of staff and interior minister Claude Guéant placed under investigation for complicity in Elysée opinion poll probe.

Hollande popularity sinks below 20% on affair, unemployment

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With jobless total at 16 year high, the French president's poll ratings fall below 20% for the first time since his election win in May 2012.

French opinion polls silent over key campaign issue of race

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Unlike in the US, French opinion polls are forbidden from reporting on intentions of voters from specific ethnic, racial or religious background.