France's shadow hangs over trial into murder of Burkina Faso president Thomas Sankara


In 1987 Burkina Faso's president Thomas Sankara, a revolutionary leader, hero of the pan-Africa movement and fierce opponent of imperialism, was gunned down in a coup d'État. Now, 34 years later, the trial of his alleged assassins is shortly to begin in the capital Ouagadougou. As Rémi Carayol reports, the circumstances of the murder are well known. But what we still do not know is who gave the orders for Sankara's assassination, which brought his Burkina Faso revolution to a bloody end. Nor do we know the role, if any, of foreign powers - including the former colonial power France - in his demise.

Old habits die hard: Macron seeks end to traditional French approach to Africa

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On his first tour of Africa last week President Emmanuel Macron vowed to do away with France's old and discredited approach to the continent. Addressing 800 students in the Burkina Faso capital of Ouagadougou, the French head of state certainly struck a fresh tone, talked of new projects and themes and signalled the passing of an old generation. But as Mediapart's editor François Bonnet reports, the old and serious problems confronting France in its relations with Africa have not gone away.

Twenty killed in terrorist attack on Burkina Faso restaurant

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The attack by gunmen on diners sitting at a restaurant terrace in the Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou on Sunday left 20 dead, according to local officials, including at least one French national, 18 months after 30 people died in a jihadist attack on a nearby café. 

French-Moroccan photographer Leila Alaoui dies in Burkina Faso

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The renowned 33-year-old died from wounds sustained in Friday's terrorist attack on a hotel and café in the West African country's capital.

At least two French nationals killed in Burkina Faso terrorist attacks

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Up to 27 people are feared dead and 33 wounded after suspected Islamist gunmen attacked a hotel and bar in the West African state's capital.