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Probe uncovers 3,000 paedophiles active in French Catholic Church

An independent commission investigating child sexual abuse in the French Catholic Church has made a 'minimum estimate' that up to 3,200 paedophile priests and other church members have been active since 1950, the commission's chairman has revealed ahead of the presentation on Tuesday of a 2,500-page report, based on church, court and police archives as well as witness interviews.  

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French priest jailed five years in child sex abuse case

Bernard Preynat, 74, a defrocked priest convicted of assaulting at least 80 young boys between the ages of seven and 15 between 1971 and 1991, was on Monday handed a five-year jail term.

Trial opens of ex-surgeon suspected of abusing hundreds of children

The trial of retired surgeon Joël Le Scouarnec, 69, on charges of sexually abusing four children has opened in south-west France, while he faces further prosecution after evidence was found by police, including his personal notebooks, suggesting he may have assaulted up to 349 children.

Paedophile author Gabriel Matzneff says 'I feel like the living dead'

In an interview with The New York Times while in temporary exile in Italy, author Gabriel Matzneff, once celebrated by Parisian literary circles for his accounts of sex with underage girls and boys in France and abroad, and who is now under investigation in France for the sexual abuse and grooming of a minor, said he felt 'like the living dead, a dead man walking', turning on his former admirers for 'showing their cowardice', and accusing those who now denounce him of hypocracy.

French prosecutor urges victims of child abuse author to come forward

The chief Paris prosecutor on Tuesday appealed for past victims of sexual abuse by author Gabriel Matzneff, 83, once revered by French lierati for his books about his sexual adventures with young minors, to come forward in the framework of an investigation into accustaions of sexual abuse and grooming of a minor made against him in a book published in January.

French child-sex author mouths 'regrets' but attacks 'neo-puritanism'

Gabriel Matznef, 83, an author once fêted among French lietrati who wrote of his enjoyment of grooming girl and boy minors for sex in France and abroad and who was publicly shamed after one of his past victims published an account of her experiences, has said 'if I did something that was not good I regret it', while also denouncing what he called 'a wave of neo-puritanism' following the removal from sale of his books.  

Former French surgeon suspected of sexually assaulting 349 children

A French public prosecutor on Friday said Joel Le Scouarnec, 68, a former surgeon due to stand trial in March for rape and assault of four children, is now suspected of sexually assaulting up to 349 children according to evidence found in his computer files and a diary, adding that 229 alleged victims have been questioned, of who 197 have filed complaints against Le Scouarnec.

Diary of retired French surgeon details '250 paedophile assaults'

Retired surgeon Joël Le Scouarnec, 66, who is awaiting trial for his alleged rape of two girls aged four and six, is now suspected of assaulting about 250 other children over a 30-year period after investigators discovered a hidden diary belonging to him which detailed attacks, including on his young patients.

Pope refuses French cardinal's resignation over sex abuse inaction

French Roman Catholic cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon, who has appealed his conviction this month for failing to report allegations of abuse of boy scouts committed by a priest, said on Tuesday that Pope Francis has refused his offer to resign his post.

French bishops agree on compensation for victims of sexual abuse

The French Catholic Church's bishops' conference has agreed to soon begin paying financial compensation to victims of sex crimes by its clergy and who are unable to bring legal action against the perpetrators because of France's statute of limitations for the prosecution of such crimes.

French film on paedophile priest case opens after legal go-ahead

François Ozon’s film Grace a Dieu (By the Grace of God), which tells the real-life story of how Catholic priest Bernard Preynat sexually abused young scouts the 1980s and early 1990s, opened in French cinema theatres on Wednesday after a Paris court ruled against a last-minute attempt by Preynat, who has yet to be tried, to halt its distribution, and also against a demand by a psychologist and member of the Lyon diocese that her name should be removed.  

Catholics call on French parliament to probe paedophilia in Church

In an online petition they accuse the Church's leaders of 'ignoring or even concealing' the suffering of victims.

French diocese faces two paedophile priest scandals

Under investigation: Father Olivier de Scitivaux, right. © DR Under investigation: Father Olivier de Scitivaux, right. © DR

A senior priest in the diocese of Orléans south of Paris has just been placed under formal investigation over claims that he sexually abused a 15-year-old. This follows ongoing allegations against another priest in the same diocese. One victims group thinks the two scandals could be linked and prosecutors fear that many more instances of abuse may be involved and that dozens of young boys could have been victims. Meanwhile senior church figures have been accused of a cover-up or at least turning a blind eye. Mediapart's legal affairs correspondent Michel Deléan reports.

The hidden sex abuse cases at a Franco-Swiss Catholic priest fraternity

By Mathieu Martiniere, Mathieu Périsse, Daphné Gastaldi (We report) et Ali Fegan (SVT1)
Mass celebrated by Father Philippe Peignot at a chapel near Bordeaux in November 2016. © DR Mass celebrated by Father Philippe Peignot at a chapel near Bordeaux in November 2016. © DR

A Mediapart investigation carried out in partnership with Swedish television station SVT1 and British newspaper The Guardian reveals how a fundamentalist Catholic society covered up several cases of priests accused of sexual assaults. The Society of Saint Pius X also regularly sends offenders to a discreet 'gilded prison' tucked away in the French Alps. Mathieu Martiniere, Mathieu Périsse, Daphné Gastaldi and Ali Fegan report.

Revealed: the 25 bishops who covered up sex crimes

By Daphné Gastaldi, Mathieu Martinière, Mathieu Périsse (We Report) et Donatien Huet

The French Catholic Church has for years protected priests and others under its authority who were accused of sexual assaults, and paedophile crimes in particular. This Mediapart investigation reveals how 25 bishops, five of who are still active, were directly involved in protecting 24 people, mostly priests, accused of sexual abuse. They were among 32 alleged perpetrators of sex crimes who are identified here as having been protected by the Church, and whose alleged victims total 339. The method employed often involved the transfer of the alleged perpetrators, a number of who have now been convicted for sex crimes, to distant geographical locations both in France and abroad. Daphné Gastaldi, Mathieu Martinière and Mathieu Périsse report (graphics by Donatien Huet).