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Josephine Baker enters France’s Pantheon of national heroes

The US-born artist and resistance fighter is the first black woman to join hall of French greats.

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Josephine Baker to be first black woman buried in France's Pantheon

The remains of the American-born performer will be reinterred at the Paris monument, which houses the remains of scientist Marie Curie, French philosopher Voltaire and writer Victor Hugo.

Macron slams 'separatism', bigotry on 150th anniversary of republic

In a speech delivered at the Panthéon monument in Paris, during celebrations of the creation of the modern French republic in 1870, President Emmanuel Macron launched a strong against what he called 'separatism' by some in society, talking up the freedoms that the country allows, and notably the freedom of expression and the right to blaspheme, while warning that, 'The republic is still fragile, still precarious'.

Undocumented migrants mount protest at Paris Panthéon monument

A group of hundreds of mostly West Afican migrants stormed the Panthéon mausoleum in the Paris Latin Quarter on Friday to demand that the government review their status as illegal residents unable to obtain recognised rights to work and live in France.

Macron leads Panthéon tributes to Simone Veil

President said France loved the Holocaust survivor, best known for legalizing abortion in the 1970s, for her 'struggles'.

France pays tribute to Simone Veil with hero’s burial in the Panthéon

Holocaust survivor, former minister and EU president is only fifth woman to be laid to rest in Paris’s secular mausoleum

France’s Simone Veil to be inducted into famed Panthéon mausoleum

In accordance with family’s wishes, Holocaust survivor Veil will be laid to rest under the Panthéon’s great dome along with her husband Antoine.

French president François Hollande adds resistance heroines to Panthéon

Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz and Germaine Tillion become third and fourth women interred among 74 men in mausoleum of honour.

France's Panthéon to honour four Resistance heroes

President Hollande said the four who opposed wartime German occupation 'embodied the values of France during their time on earth'.

Not enough - French feminists react to women resistance fighters in Panthéon

Activists said they hoped for more after news that Germaine Tillion and Geneviève de Gaulle-Antonioz are to be placed in the Panthéon.

De Gaulle niece tipped for burial in male-dominated Panthéon

Number of women buried at France’s famed memorial set to double as President Hollande prepares announcement on honouring France's greats.

Call for women to find equal place in France's mausoleum for great and good

A consensus is building in France that the next to be buried in the Pantheon should be from that half of the population almost totally overlooked.