Sarkozy-Libya funding affair: paparazzi boss Michèle Marchand detained over alleged bail breach

France — Investigation

French paparazzi agency boss Michèle Marchand, an influential PR fixer for politicians and confidante of presidents, has been taken into custody for breaching bail conditions. Earlier in June Marchand, nicknamed 'Mimi', was placed under formal investigation for witness tampering and criminal conspiracy in relation to an aspect of the long-running investigation into suspected Libyan financing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential election campaign. But she was subsequently released on bail. However, Mediapart has learnt from several sources that she was taken into detention on Friday June 18th for apparently breaching a condition of that bail. Fabrice Arfi, Karl Laske, Yann Philippin and Antton Rouget report.

Macron takes on the press with move to sue paparazzi

France — Analysis

French president Emmanuel Macron has lodged a legal complaint for “harassment” and “violation of personal privacy” against a photographer he alleges entered the private property in Marseille where the president and his wife Brigitte were holidaying. The photographer, Thibaut Daliphard, denies trespassing but was arrested and questioned for six hours in custody, when his computer and images were studied by police. Thomas Cantaloube and Michaël Hajdenberg report on the events which highlight Macron’s very firm control of his public image and the journalists who follow him, and also the highly questionable legal move of a president who is by virtue of the French constitution immune to prosecution.

Centre Pompidou pays tribute to the art of the paparazzi


An unprecedented exhibition dedicated to the history, practices, aesthetics and influence of ‘paparazzi’ photography has opened at the Centre Pompidou annex in Metz, eastern France. It presents more than 100 years of pictures by paparazzi, their tricks of the trade and the stylistic inspiration their work has had on artists. Joseph Confavreux takes a tour of the show and hears the opinions of two paparazzi, one of whom bagged the infamous photos revealing President François Hollande’s secret meetings with the actress Julie Gayet.