French police officers guilty of chokehold ‘manslaughter’

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Three French police officers have been handed suspended jail sentences after being found guilty of manslaughter during the arrest in 2015 a Paris bar of 33-year-old Amadou Koumé, upon who they applied a chokehold which led to his death from what a medical expert called slow ‘mechanical asphyxia’

France clamps down on delivery depot 'dark stores'

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These city-centre food depots, which became popular during the Covid pandemic lockdowns, are used for instant home deliveries ordered over the internet.

American tourist raped in public toilet in central Paris

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Man detained after attack on woman in heart of French capital’s tourist district by River Seine.

Paris 2024 Summer Olympics: victory for tropical wood lobby


In 2024, Paris will host the Summer Olympics, and the organisers have pledged the games will be “climate positive” because more carbon emissions will be offset than created, while the “environmental excellence” criteria banned the use of tropical timber in the building of the athletes’ village. But, as Jade Lindgaard reports, the tropical timber industry has, after an intensive campaign, now claimed victory.

Macron hosts Saudi Crown Prince amid outcry from rights groups

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Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is in Paris for talks and dinner on Thursday with President Emmanuel Macron, who is expected to press the Saudi de-facto ruler to increase oil exports to ease the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, in a visit denounced by rights groups and the fiancée of journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was murdered by Saudi agents in 2018.

France remembers Paris mass round-up of Jews, 80 years on

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French president Emmanuel Macron  vowed to stamp out Holocaust denial as he paid homage to thousands of French Jewish children sent to death camps 80 years ago.

Australian PM Albanese hails 'new start' in relations with France

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On the back of a NATO summit in Madrid, Australia's newly elected prime minister Anthony Albanese arrived in Paris on Friday for talks with President Emmanuel Macron, declaring his visit 'represents a new start for our countries' relationship' following the acrimony of a submarine contract cancelled by his predecessor Scott Morrison.

French police officer fatally shot men 'as car drove away'

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Reports about the Pont Neuf shooting in Mediapart and Libération question the officer’s claim he was acting to save lives of colleagues because car was driving at them. 

Eight stand trial in Paris over theft of Banksy's Bataclan tribute

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The trial openend in Paris on Monday of seven French men and one Italian accused of stealing in 2019 a mural by street artist Banksy which featured on an emergency exit door at the Bataclan theatre where in Islamic terrorists murdered 90 concert goers in November 2015. 

Witness calls Paris police officers into question over fatal shooting

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A Paris police patrol, who last weekend opened fire on the occupants of car whose driver had refused the officers' oders to pull over, and who fatally wounded a woman passenger, 'could have acted differently' according a friend of the victim who was also present in the vehicle.

Revealed: De Gaulle knew facts of 1961 Paris police massacre of Algerians but failed to punish perpetrators

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Documents unearthed by Mediapart in France’s national archives, and never before published, reveal that the true horrific extent of the covered-up massacre by police of Algerian demonstrators in Paris on the night of October 17th 1961 was very quickly made known to then president Charles de Gaulle and his advisors. They show that de Gaulle had instructed in writing that those who perpetrated the crimes be brought to justice. But in the end, no-one would ever be prosecuted over the slaughter, which historians have estimated claimed the lives of several hundred people, many of who drowned in the River Seine. Fabrice Arfi reports. 

More harrowing accounts of CL final violence spark debate

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First-hand accounts of the dangerous bottlenecks of thousands of supporters at the Liverpool versus Real Madrid Champions League cup final in Paris on May 28th, and the violent abuse and robbery of them by local gangs, continue to prompt outrage and to fuel criticism of the government from political opponents.   

Guard at Qatari Embassy in Paris killed in attack

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Prosecutors say a homicide investigation has been opened after a security guard at the Qatari Embassy in Paris was killed and a suspect arrested.

French police officer faces murder probe after Pont Neuf shooting

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Two people were shot and killed in a car on the famous Parisian bridge Sunday night after the driver reportedly failed to stop for a police patrol.

Paris schools prepare to take in refugee children from Ukraine

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Amid increasing numbers of refugees arriving in France from war-ravaged Ukraine, the municipal authorities in Paris have set up special provisions for integrating Ukranian children into the city's schools.