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Muslim employee praised for hiding customers from Paris supermarket gunman

Lassana Bathily ushered about 15 people into basement room and turned off power and lights after the gunman burst into kosher supermarket.

Paris shootings: the backlash begins against French Muslims

Number of attacks against mosques in France grows after the terror attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo last Wednesday.

France sieges: hostages hid in refrigerators and under sink

Stories emerge of how hidden man at besieged printing works fed information to police by text, while a father hid his son in supermarket fridge.

Hostages taken in Paris supermarket - gunman linked with police murder

Reports say gunman holding up to 5 hostages in kosher supermarket is linked to Charlie Hebdo killers and is suspect in policewoman murder.

After Charlie Hebdo attack in France, backlash against Muslims feared

With tension building, Muslim leaders advised veiled women to avoid going out alone and urged members to join in national minute of silence.

Paris' Eiffel Tower goes dark, unity rallies held after magazine massacre

For the second night running, in towns and cities across France people honored those who paid with their lives for press freedom.

Another police officer shot and killed as France mourns

Unarmed traffic policewoman killed after two armed men opened fire, but so far it is unclear if is linked to Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre.

France’s Louvre keeps title as world’s most-visited museum

Total number of tourists who came in 2014 to admire works of art and antiquities including Da Vinci's Mona Lisa was 9.3 million.

Gun attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 12

The victims, who include two police officers, were killed after hooded gunmen attacked the Paris office of the French satirical magazine.

Five homeless die as temperatures plunge in France

Three of the deaths were due to hypothermia as temperatures fell to minus 14°C in some areas while the other victims died in a fire at a squat.

Third Jewish establishment targeted in Paris this week by gunshot

Shots were fired this week at a Jewish-owned printers' shop, a kosher restaurant and a synagogue all situated in the north of the capital.

Paris City Hall clamps down on secondary residence holiday lets

City authorities believe up to two-thirds of holiday lets flout law that law allows short-period apartment rental only if it is a primary residence.

France's history of immigration museum is finally granted official status

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President François Hollande on Monday inaugurated France’s first museum dedicated to the history of immigration in the country, seven years after it officially opened. It was a symbolic occasion which underlined the snubbing of the museum by Hollande’s predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, whose hardline anti-immigration stance led to the resignations of a number of the museum’s board members. But it also highlighted a new mobilisation of the museum’s management to present both the tragic and positive history of immigration in France amid a rising climate of xenophobia and racism among sections of French society. Carine Fouteau reports on the museum’s own troubled history, and the defiant programme of its new management.  

French government wants more Sunday shopping

Under new proposals councils would be allowed to grant trading licences on 12 Sundays a year, compared to the current five.

Mayor wants to ban diesel vehicles in central Paris

Anne Hidalgo aims to outlaw diesel vehicles in the French capital entirely by 2020 and to limit the number of all cars in city centre.