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Anger as Algerian soldiers confirmed for France’s Bastille Day parade

Planned presence of three representatives of Algerian military on July 14th causes dismay in Algeria and among far-right groups in France.

French minister calls tourism tax rise 'dangerous'

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius calls for shelving of an increase in the tax on hotel stays he says will harm attempts to promote tourism.

Paris bridge rail collapses under weight of love

The Pont des Arts was evacuated after part of its iron railings were torn of by the weight of 'love locks' attached along the length of the bridge.

Paris flower market renamed in British Queen's honour

Ceremony to rename place she visited during her first trip to Paris in 1948 as a princess brings to end monarch's three-day visit to France.

D-Day anniversary: British Queen honours France's war dead in Paris

UK monarch joins French president François Hollande in laying floral tribute at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier beneath the Arc de Triomphe.

World leaders arrive in France for D-Day celebrations

Around 400 separate events will be held as American, Russian and British heads of state are among those marking 70th anniversary of landings.

Chinese police to help patrol Paris tourist destinations

Move reflects French concern over rising number of muggings aimed at Chinese tourists, of whom a million visit France each year.

Video shows French police 'stealing' a Roma family's mattress

Vidéo dans l'article Vidéo dans l'article

A video obtained by Mediapart shows three police officers removing a mattress from members of a Roma family who are living rough on a Paris street. The incident passed off without incident or even raised voices, either from the family or the officers. Indeed, the episode happened so quickly and so calmly that many passers-by walked on with barely a second glance. But as Carine Fouteau reports, with no clear legitimate reason to take the mattress, the officers are perilously close to being guilty of theft. The incident, which took place at a time when the police in a nearby district were being instructed to “evict” Roma people “systematically”, highlights what some call the regular “harassment” endured by such families.

Delayed re-opening of Picasso museum enrages artist's son

Claude Picasso says postponement of next month's re-opening of the largest collection worldwide of his father's works is 'sabotage'.

Air France senior manager and wife 'ran international prostitution ring'

The couple, suspected of shuttling young women between France and Brazil on discounted tickets, were placed under investigation and jailed.

Paris air pollution 'smogging' London

The Environmental Research Group at King’s College London claims the French capital's chronic pollution is affecting south-east England.

Paris police memo calling for Roma eviction ‘rectified’

Original memo caused row after it said Roma families needed to be 'evicted' from well-heeled district of French capital.

Thousands march in Paris against austerity, economic reforms

Demonstrators showed anger over President Holande's 'pro-business' measures with slogans such as 'When you are leftist you support employees'.

Reopened Paris zoo stresses animals' well-being and conservation

The zoo in the Parc de Vincennes which reopens this Saturday aims for the animals' environment to be as close to their natural habitat as possible.

French historians battle to save face of La Samaritaine

Critics say that new glass facade planned as part of the redevelopment of this art deco and nouveau Paris landmark will look like a shower curtain.