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Hollande to visit Iraq ahead of security summit in Paris

French president's trip to Baghdad on Friday aimed at underlining his support for fight against Islamic State ahead of Monday talks.

France's Renault to build 3-seater electric cars

Carmaker in joint venture with Bolloré, operator of the Paris Autolib fleet, to build three-seater versions of the cars at its Dieppe factory.

Brussels murder suspect ‘planned Bastille Day atrocity’ in Paris

Libération insists Mehdi Nemmouche told journalists held hostage in Syria of his plan to attack Paris, but interior minister dismisses claim.

French bookshops refuse to stock Valérie Trierweiler's 'dirty laundry' memoirs

Signs go up in some bookshop windows explaining why the stores will not stock the tell-all book, as sales in France continue to soar.

France's top chef bans meat from the menu

Michelin-starred cook Alain Ducasse reopens Parisian restaurant ditching duck, veal and steak in favour of largely vegetarian dishes.

Paris celebrates WWII liberation anniversary

The 70th anniversary of the capital's liberation from German occupation highlighted the best and worst of the actions of Paris police officers.

French minister: 'Why I banned Gaza protests'

Bernard Cazeneuve a pris la succession de Manuel Valls au ministère de l'intérieur. © Reuters Bernard Cazeneuve a pris la succession de Manuel Valls au ministère de l'intérieur. © Reuters

In an interview with Mediapart the French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has justified his controversial decision to ban a number of planned protests over the Israeli war against Gaza. In doing so Cazeneuve insisted that it was his decision to ban those demonstrations, and not that of the president François Hollande or prime minister Manuel Valls. The interior minister insisted his ministry had “concrete evidence” that synagogues and Jewish businesses were going to be singled out in those protests. During the interview Cazeneuve also said he had often joined marches in the Palestinian cause in the past and “would have done so again” had he not been in office. Fabrice Arfi, Louise Fessard and Mediapart's editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel report.

'I'm only in the dock because I'm a Muslim'


The arrest and conviction of protesters following pro-Palestinian and pro-Gaza demonstrations in Paris have led to accusations of judicial double standards. Critics claim that young non-white Muslims have been singled out for punishment by the police and courts. Here Mediapart highlights the case of a young man called Mohamed who was convicted after intervening when his younger brother was stopped by police officers following a pro-Gaza protest on July 13th. Though his sentence was reduced on appeal, Mohamed still insists he did nothing wrong and says he was only arrested because he is a Muslim who supports the Palestinian cause. Thomas Saint-Cricq reports.

Paris robber goes on hold-up spree wearing electronic tag

The 27-year-old Frenchman is accused of carrying out 16 robberies in the daytime while he was under a nighttime curfew over earlier offences.

France remains the world’s favourite holiday destination

Study shows France welcomed 84.7 million foreign visitors in 2013, more than in 2012 and well ahead of the United States and Spain.

Paris policeman jailed over cocaine theft

The drugs squad officer has been formerly placed under investigation on suspicion of stealing more than 50 kgs of seized drug stash.

Thousands join pro-Palestinian rallies in France

March in Paris attracted up to 20,000 with demonstrations too in Marseille and Lyon as protestors voiced anger at French stance over Israel. 

€2.5 million in cocaine ‘disappears’ from Paris police HQ

The 50 kg of cocaine, seized in police raids in northern Paris in early July, had been stored in a special room secured with an armoured door.

Paris hosts first pro-Israel rally since start of Gaza offensive

Heavily-policed event attracted up to 6,000 people in front of the Israeli embassy in the French capital amid rising inter-communal tensions.

French politicians dispute socialist Jaurès’s legacy 100 years after murder

Politicians from various parties, including right-wing ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, have invoked Jaurès’s memory during their careers.