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Parisians enjoy sun and record spring temperatures

Temperatures in the French capital reached 21.6 degrees Celsius, beating the 1880 record of 20.7 degrees Celsius, according to Meteo France.

Slumlords profit from high Paris property rental prices

Across the French capital, rated one of the most expensive to live in worldwide, examples abound of illegal rentals of cupboard-space lodgings.

UPDATE: Russia, US and key EU states hold Paris talks over Ukraine crisis

US state secretary John Kerry and Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov held their first face-to-face talks, which are to continue over coming days.

Paris police hid 16,000 crimes from records

Official auditors discovered the cover up which they said was 'organised, systematic' under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.

How foreign buyers are propping up France’s prime property market

The recent exodus of wealthy French owners from Paris has paved way for international buyers to move into the homes market.

Protesting taxi drivers block Paris traffic

Taxi drivers protesting against competition from chauffered cars mounted road blocks that caused widespread havoc in and around the capital.

French journalist convicted for using 'secret' documents found in Google search


The hacker, IT specialist and journalist Olivier Laurelli has been ordered to pay a 3,000-euro fine for downloading files from a government agency that he found by chance during a routine internet search. The court of appeal in Paris ruled he was guilty of 'theft' and fraudulently remaining inside an unauthorised computer system. Apart from the disturbing implications for all journalists and internet users of the verdict, the court case also highlights the worrying lack of knowledge among judges who appeared not to know what 'Google' or 'login' were. Jérôme Hourdeaux reports.

French justice minister Taubira accused of political interference

Top Paris prosecutor says minister sought to remove him on political grounds as she highlights plan to increase neutrality of France's legal system.

France publicly destroys seized ivory worth $6m

The three tonnes of ivory was crushed in front of the Eiffel Tower in bid to increase international pressure against elephant poaching in Africa.

Tens of thousands march in Paris to back traditional family

Protesters accuse President Hollande's government of 'family phobia' over gay marriage, abortion and 'gender' lessons in French schools.

Thousands march through Paris in anti-government protest

Police said the 'Day of Anger' protest, mounted by a group of right-wing organizations, drew 17,000 while organisers claimed 120,000 turned out.

Now Paris mayoral candidate joins in cross-Channel spat

Anne Hidalgo, deputy mayor and tipped to win upcoming mayoral elections, slams London tourism claims and its 'boastful' mayor Boris Johnson.

Paris and London squabble over tourism figures

Paris City Hall bites back at claims that London is set to dethrone the French capital as the world's top tourist destination.

Gerard Depardieu back in France after becoming Russian citizen

The French actor was given a standing ovation for his performance in the American play Love Letters at the Theatre Antoine in Paris.

Paris art market sees record sales

A series of unprecedented sales this month suggest that Paris may finally be rising to the top ranks of the international art market.