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At least one dead, four wounded in IS-claimed knife rampage in Paris

The Islamic State group (IS) has claimed responsibility for the attack by a knife-wielding man who stabbed passers-by in the Paris central Opera district at around 9pm local time on Saturday, when he killed one person and wounding at least four others, two seriously, before police shot the him dead.

Paris mayor calls for Macron to act over 'inhuman' migrant camps

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has demanded that President Emmanuel Macron take action to provide alternative shelter for thousands of migrants who are sleeping rough in squalid conditions in the north of the capital, a situation which France's citizens’ rights ombudsman, Jacques Toubon, has denounced as a denial of fundamental human rights. 

French outrage after President Trump mimics Paris attackers

US president suggested 2015 attacks could have been stopped by giving people guns and mimicked gunmen summoning victims one by one.

French government under fire following chaotic May Day protests

As President Macron condemned violence, Socialist Party blamed government attempt at 'all-out victory' over trade unions for fuelling reaction.

May Day riots: 109 remain in custody in France

Violence came after far-left anarchist groups, known as Black Blocs, hijacked a peaceful rally against President Macron's public sector reforms.

Paris May Day march marred by violence

Peaceful march hijacked when group of demonstrators clad in black, many wearing balaclavas, broke into chant of 'Everyone hates the police'.

France's protesters revive ghosts of 1968 revolt

Past weeks have permitted some to imagine that President Macron's France is entering zone of high dramatic turbulence, comparable with 1968.

Libyan strongman Haftar to leave Paris hospital 'within a few days'

A spokesman, for Khalifa Haftar, whose Libyan National Army controls much of eastern Libya and who press reports last week said was in a coma after suffering a stroke, claimed on Twitter on Friday that he had visited a Paris hospital 'for normal checkups' and would 'be back in Libya within few days'.

Paris mayor launches feasibility study on free public transport

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has commissioned an expert study into the financial viability of transforming public transport in the French capital into a free service as a measure to reduce chronic pollution by encouraging more people to abandon their use of private vehicles in the city.

Paris café 'Joyeux' proudly staffed by those battling cognitive difficulties

A Paris café called Joyeux has opened with a mission to give people with autism, Down syndrome and other cognitive difficulties an all-too rare chance to earn a living like any other person and be accepted as capable workers in a busy public environment, and its owner plans to open several more outlets around France.  

Migrants tell of dangers and threats sleeping rough in Paris

A study by London-based human rights charity Refugee Rights Europe questioned almost 300 migrants about their conditions living rough on the streets of the French capital, with many respondents complaining of a climate of fear amid physical attacks, racial abuse and sexual assault.

Paris officials sleep outdoors to call attention to homeless

At least 13 homeless people have died in the Paris region since the start of the year; some put the figure nearer 20.

Bike hire firm pulls out of France over 'mass destruction' of fleet, which had 150,000 users across France, says thousands of its bikes have been stolen or damaged.

French court acquits man charged with harbouring Paris attacks duo

At the end of a three-week trial in Paris, Jawad Bendaoud, 31, was on Wednesday acquitted of charges of knowingly sheltering members of the Islamic State gang which carried out the November 13th 2015 terrorist attacks in and around the French capital which left 130 people dead, while Bendaoud's two co-defendants were given jail sentences.

Travel chaos in France as snow blankets Paris

Weather caused major gridlock across the city, with more than 700 kilometres of traffic jams recorded on Tuesday evening.