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Boldini masterpiece found in mothballed Paris flat abandoned since WWII

The apartment was locked up and untouched for seven decades after its late owner fled to southern France to escape the German invasion of Paris.

Algerian president treated in Paris after stroke

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 76, is said to be 'responding well' after transfer to Val-de-Grâce military hospital in Paris on Saturday.

Huge child pickpocketing gang trial opens in Paris

Trial begins of 22 gang leaders of a child pickpocketing ring said to have been behind 75 percent of the thefts on the Paris metro.

Paris councillor wants street named after Margaret Thatcher

But a Communist councillor hopes to stop him and honour Irish nationalist hunger striker Bobby Sands instead of the late British prime minister.

French gay marriage opponents stage protest

Ten of thousands opposed to plans allowing same-sex marriage have protested in Paris even though measure is virtually certain to become law. 

Boris Johnson praises France, coy about ambitions on Paris radio

Though known for his repeated “French bashing”, the London mayor was on surprisingly good behaviour during an interview in the French capital.

French revolution: why is an all-female race for mayor so unusual?

For the first time, the battle to be the next mayor of Paris is shaping up to be an exclusively female affair, with four women candidates due to stand.

Former Paris mayor and wife found guilty of vote-rigging

Jean Tiberi, 78, who was mayor from 1995 to 2001, was given a fine and suspended jail term after being found guilty in a long-running case.

Kerry and Hollande hold talks in Paris

Syria and Iran led the agenda in first official talks between new US Secretary of State John Kerry and French President François Hollande.

French political elite covet Paris mayor's office

Although current mayor Bertrand Delanoë is not due to leave office for another year, the race to fill the coveted seat is already in full swing.

Paris, Printemps and predatory finance


The famous Printemps department store on the boulevard Haussmann in Paris (pictured) is up for sale. On the surface it is just another routine high-end Paris property transaction. But behind the scenes, reveals Mediapart, one of the current owners is preparing a 'predatory' financial deal that would see a handful of its top executives walk away with up to 500 million euros. Meanwhile the real cost of the sale will fall on the department store's staff, who could be left without a job or put on less secure work contracts. Martine Orange reports.

M&S eyes opening more outlets in France

British retailer Marks & Spencer plans rapid expansion of food shops in France after the runaway success of its recently-opened Paris stores.

Major Paris rally in support of same-sex marriage bill

An estimated 250,000 people marched through Paris on Sunday in support of a same-sex marriage bill due to go before parliament on Tuesday.

'Miniscule' Parisian apartment housed man for 15 years

A 50-year-old man had been paying rent of 330 euros a month for a flat that has a living area of just 1.56 square metres.

Protestors against gay marriage mass at Eiffel Tower

Several hundred thousand people marched in Paris to protest against French president's plan to legalize gay marriage and adoption by June.