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French tour guides fear 'Uberisation' of their trade

Tourists look over the city from the Saint-Jacques tower in Paris. © Philippe Wojazer / REUTERS Tourists look over the city from the Saint-Jacques tower in Paris. © Philippe Wojazer / REUTERS

Being a tour guide in the most visited country in the world should be a pretty good job, buoyed by demand at France's numerous tourist attractions. But, after years of losing professional status, guides are now confronting the 'gig economy'. Online tourism platforms impose freelance instead of salaried work. And in the latest innovation, so-called 'free' tours, the tour guide is not even paid. Cécile Andrzejewski reports.

France hosts meeting to agree renewed push on migrant crisis

Hosting the leaders of Germany, Italy, Spain, Chad, Niger and Libya in Paris, President Macron said it was time for greater coordination.

Tourists return to Paris in record numbers after terror attacks

Visitor figures in French capital hit a 10-year high after ‘catastrophic’ 2016, say tourism officials. 

Spanish terror cell had links to France

Car used in Cambrils attack caught on camera in Paris area, as investigators seek to find out what the alleged terror plotters were doing in France.

Police still waiting to question wounded Paris soldier attack suspect

Hamou Bachir Benlatreche, a 36-year-old Algerian national legally resident in France and who was shot five times during his arrest in northern France on suspicion of carrying out a car-ramming attack on six soldiers in a Paris suburb, is deemed unfit for questioning as he recovers in hospital.

Discord within network promoting French culture around the world

By Fabien Cazeaux
Jérôme Clément, president of the Alliance Française Foundation © DR Jérôme Clément, president of the Alliance Française Foundation © DR

The Alliance Française was set up more than 130 years ago to promote French language and culture and is one of France's flagship ambassadors overseas. But today this lofty cultural organisation is embroiled in conflict with a number of senior executives around the world rising up against their boss in Paris, Jérôme Clément. They say he is authoritarian, lacks vision and that under him management is “amateurish”. He says parts of the network are still stuck in the 19th century and insists he has the government's full backing for his planned changes. Fabien Cazeaux reports.

Paris to stage 2024 Summer Olympic Games

Los Angeles will host the 2028 Summer Olympic Games after reaching a deal with IOC, meaning Paris will host the Games four years earlier.

Libyan ceasefire accord at Paris talks

Libya’s UN-backed prime minister Fayez al-Sarraj and the country's eastern commander General Khalifa Haftar agreed to a conditional ceasefire.

Murder of Jewish woman in Paris ignites debate over word ‘terrorism’

Jewish community is uneasy over reluctance to classify murder of Sarah Halimi, 65, whose alleged killer is Muslim, as an act of terrorism.

French banks say they will create 1,000 jobs in Paris after Brexit

Top French banks have said that after Britain's departure from the European Union a total of 1,000 jobs will be created by moving part of their current operations in London to Paris.

The stakes behind the 'Trump and Macron show'

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée Palace july 13th. © Reuters Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée Palace july 13th. © Reuters

US President Donald Trump’s two-day visit to Paris last week saw him courted with great pomp and ceremony by his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron whose red-carpet welcome provided Trump with a welcome diversion from political turmoil at home and a rare break from his isolation on the international stage. Macron, meanwhile, seized the opportunity of the vacuum created by Brexit and forthcoming elections in Germany to position Paris as Washington’s new “special friend” in Europe. Mediapart’s Washington correspondent Philippe Coste reports on how the manoeuvring was viewed from across the Atlantic.

Paris and LA sure of winning Olympic games bids

A break from tradition means that both Paris and Los Angeles, the two remaining contenders to host the 2024 games, were on Tuesday awarded hosting of the Olympic Games separately for 2024 and 2028, to be decided between them, after the IOC began reforming the process for applicants following withdrawn bids from other cities.

IOC closer to awarding Paris 2024 Olympics and LA those in 2028

Representatives of the competing Paris and Los Angeles bids for the 2024 Olympic games made their formal presentations before the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne on Tuesday, when it appeared likely that the final decision in September will be to separately award Paris with the 2024 event and Los Angeles for that which follows in 2028.

The jihadist network on the French island of La Réunion


For a long time French overseas territories have been spared armed jihadism and the phenomenon of young people heading off for the war zones of Syria and Iraq. But the recent trial in Paris of a young man from La Réunion in the Indian Ocean for a conspiracy to carry out a terrorist act has changed that. The conviction of Naïl Varatchia also challenges the widely-perceived idea that the Muslim community on the island is an example of tolerance. Julien Sartre reports.

The lone voices saying 'no' to Paris’s 2024 Olympic bid

Not all Parisians are in favour of bid to host 2024 Games, though dissenting voices were rare as capital became giant Olympic park at weekend.