Paris launches 'take-it-here, leave-it-there' electric car hire

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Paris has launched an electric car hire scheme to cut air and noise pollution on city streets, with 250 cars available now and 2,000 by next summer.

Cameron and Sarkozy to meet Friday for eurozone talks in Paris

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron is to meet French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris on Friday for talks centred on the eurozone crisis.

Marks & Spencer brings its comfy knickers back to Paris

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After a ten-year absence from France, Marks & Spencer on Thursday opened a new store on the Champs-Elysées, with other branches to follow.

Paris prosecutor seeks acquittal for Chirac

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A Paris prosecutor has asked for illegal party funding charges against former French President Jacques Chirac and nine others to be dropped.

What's pushing angry Chinese onto the streets of Paris

France — Interview

Earlier this summer, thousands of Paris' ethnic Chinese community took to the streets of Belleville, a district in the north of the capital, to call for increased security in the wake of escalating violence against them, including regular street assaults and robberies. The extent of the violence has alarmed community leaders and there is growing anger among this normally discreet population at what is perceived as insufficient concern by the authorities. Carine Fouteau talks to Emmanuel Ma Mung, a France-based expert on international migration and the Chinese diaspora, about the economic and social issues that are turning a once calm multi-cultural neighbourhood into a powder keg.

The Riots Of Paris and London: A Tale Of Two Cities

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The violence that has broken out in London and other British cities draws comparison with the urban riots that erupted across France in 2005.

Jane Evelyn Atwood, bringing exclusion into focus

France — Report

France-based American photographer Jane Evelyn Atwood has focused her work upon portraying the excluded and the outcasts of society. Her haunting images capture the eclipsed conditions of the sick, the blind, the handicapped, but also those of prostitutes and prisoners, revealing lives and worlds that are largely kept hidden from view. An exhibition celebrating her photography, spanning more than 30 years, is now on in Paris. Here, Clément Sénéchal presents Atwood's work and interviews the photographer about her approach and experiences.

Nils-Udo, celebrating nature before its demise


German artist Nils-Udo is a key figure in a movement born in the United States known as land art, a school of painting, images and montage that celebrates nature in all its many forms. Now into his 75th year, this passionate environmentalist is celebrated in a Paris exhibition lasting until October. Clément Sénéchal presents some of the art on show (photo) and talks to Nils-Udo about his work, his methods and his deep anguish at what he calls the "ignorant" irreversible destruction of nature.

Paris (not Hilton) hot again in Hollywood

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After a brief cool-down period of Bush-era, WMD-incited disenchantment, Hollywood's love affair with Paris is back on, big time.

Love academy tries to mend lost French tradition

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The French Academy of Seduction costs $2,500 a semester and isn't for the meek. "We need to make love," says director Veronique Corniola.

Chinese immigrants complain of Paris attacks

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Ethnic Chinese residents of the French capital say they are being systematically attacked and robbed, and are campaigning for more police protection.

Paris: un marché immobilier totalement surévalué (The economist)

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