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Lebanese PM lunches with Macron in Paris, will return home next week

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who barrived overnight in France from Saudi Arabia where he announced he was resigning amid mysterious circumstances and speculation he was being forced to remain in Riyadh, held talks in Paris on Saturday with French President Emmanuel Macron and announced he would return to Beirut by next Wednesday.

Macron leads commemorations of 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday visited the sites of shootings and suicide bombings claimed by the Islamic State group which left 130 people dead and more than 400 injured on the evening of November 13th 2015, accompanied by his predecessor François Hollande and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Tensions as cash-strapped Socialist Party plans to shed more than half its staff

For sale: the Socialist Party's headquarters at rue de Solférino in Paris. © Reuters For sale: the Socialist Party's headquarters at rue de Solférino in Paris. © Reuters

The Socialist Party performed miserably in the French presidential elections and poorly in the subsequent Parliamentary elections, and is  so short of money it is selling off its party headquarters at rue de Solférino in Paris. It has now also just announced a redundancy plan which will see the number of staff it employs in Paris cut from 97 to just 38 by the spring of 2018. Employees, meanwhile, are complaining about the likely redundancy terms. Christophe Gueugneau reports.

Thousands take to the streets of France against harassment

Police say around 2,500 mostly demonstrators gathered at place de la République, some waving placards bearing the '#Metoo' hashtag.

Merah brother, accused of complicity in Toulouse killings, testifies

Abdelkader Merah, accused of helping his jihadi brother Mohamed Merah in his March 2012 shooting murders of seven people in and around the southern French city of Toulouse has begun giving his testimony to a Paris court, telling magistrates 'there is a big difference' between him and his late brother.

'He finished them off like dogs': Paris Merah trial hears survivors of Jewish school massacre


The trial continued this week of Abdelkader Merah and Fettah Malki, both accused of complicity in the crimes of Mohamed Merah, the Islamist terrorist brother of Abdelkader Merah who murdered seven people in and around the city of Toulouse, southern France, in March 2012. Both men have denied the charges. The court hearings, which opened on October 2nd, have been marked by ill-tempered verbal exchanges, while a lawyer for Abdelkader Merah has claimed to have received death threats. But the rowdy debates suddenly fell silent this week when witnesses took to the stand to recount Merah’s massacre of a rabbi and three children, aged 3, 5 and 8, at a Jewish school in Toulouse. Matthieu Suc was in court to hear their harrowing testimony.

Paris aims to ban all petrol-fuelled vehicles by 2030

Paris City Hall said it is working towards a ban on petrol-powered vehicles in the capital by 2030, following its recent announcement of a similar ban on diesel-driven vehicles by 2024, in a drive to reduce chronic air pollution. 

Three placed under investigation over failed bombing of Paris building

France's senior anti-terrorism prosecutor François Molins said on Friday that three men, two of whom security services have identified as 'radicalised Islamists', are to be placed under investigation for their suspected role in attempting to set off a bomb in a wealthy Paris district last Saturday, but that the reason they targeted the apartment building in the capital's 16th arrondissement remained unclear.

Motorbike burns out in front of Jordanian military mission in Paris

An investigation is underway to establish whether a motorbike that was destroyed by flames which spread to a diplomatic behicle in front of the Jordanian military mission in Paris early Wednesday was set on fire deliberately.

Debt-ridden French conservative party may be forced to sell HQ

Party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy and defeated presidential candidate François Fillon has debts of nearly £50 million.

British Airways plane evacuated in Paris in security alert

A British Airways flight from Paris to London was halted on the tarmac of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport on Sunday morning in an urgent security alert, when passengers were ordered off the plane and searched along with their baggage.

Paris embellishes skyline with organic rooftop farms

Metro operator RATP has become one of the first companies to host a commercial farm on one of its roofs.

French tour guides fear 'Uberisation' of their trade

Tourists look over the city from the Saint-Jacques tower in Paris. © Philippe Wojazer / REUTERS Tourists look over the city from the Saint-Jacques tower in Paris. © Philippe Wojazer / REUTERS

Being a tour guide in the most visited country in the world should be a pretty good job, buoyed by demand at France's numerous tourist attractions. But, after years of losing professional status, guides are now confronting the 'gig economy'. Online tourism platforms impose freelance instead of salaried work. And in the latest innovation, so-called 'free' tours, the tour guide is not even paid. Cécile Andrzejewski reports.

France hosts meeting to agree renewed push on migrant crisis

Hosting the leaders of Germany, Italy, Spain, Chad, Niger and Libya in Paris, President Macron said it was time for greater coordination.

Tourists return to Paris in record numbers after terror attacks

Visitor figures in French capital hit a 10-year high after ‘catastrophic’ 2016, say tourism officials.